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2 PhD Positions at the University of Calabria

Chủ đề trong 'Italy' bởi allroadsleadtoRome, 10/09/2009.

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    Two PhD Positions available at the Doctoral School:
    Systems Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics, Operations Research

    ================================================== ================

    The University of Calabria invites applications for 2 PhD scholarships
    for the incoming 2009 class of the Doctoral School in Systems
    Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics, Operations Research.

    The school has been founded in 2008 by the two largest departments of
    the University of Calabria: the Department of Mathematics
    (Dipartimento di Matematica) and the Department of Electronics,
    Informatics and Systems Engineering (PORTALE UNICAL).

    The school features three PhD programs:
    - Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Informatics
    - Doctoral Program in Systems Engineering and Informatics
    - Doctoral Program in Operations Research

    A PhD scholarship in one of these programs is scheduled for 3 years.

    The University of Calabria will provide one successful candidate with
    a grant of 1039 EUR net per month. Substantial extra funding is
    available for participation in international conferences, schools, and
    workshops. More grants might be provided, in case more funds (public
    or private) become available.

    For all the successful candidates, the University of Calabria is
    likely to cover living expenses (mensa and accommodation on the

    PhD positions are offered in an attractive working environment with
    excellent possibilities for professional development.

    Successful candidates in Informatics (with projects focused on AI and
    Computational Logics) will join the Database and Artificial
    Intelligence group of the Department of Mathematics, led by Nicola
    Leone (Nicola Leone Personal Home Page). The group offers profound
    knowledge in several AI areas, conducting research on their
    theoretical aspects and formal foundations as well as on the design of
    practical applications, usually carried out in tight cooperation with
    industrial partners. In particular, the group features high-level
    research in the development of innovative infrastructure for knowledge
    representation and reasoning. Its members are especially known for
    having achieved important results in developing non-monotonic
    reasoning systems.

    Applicants must be exclusively foreign (non-Italian) students from
    both EU and non-EU countries, of any age and citizenship. Candidates
    must not be resident in Italy.

    The required qualification for being eligible for the program is
    a Master''s Degree, or equivalent. A three-year degree is not

    We are looking for highly motivated, dedicated candidates that are
    interested in research in one or more of the following fields:
    Informatics, Telecommunications, Control Theory, Electric Systems and
    Measures, ICT, Operations Research, Optimization, Management Science,
    Logistics, Simulation, Algebra, Geometry, History of Mathematics,
    Mathematical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical
    Physics, and Numerical Analysis.

    Candidates are requested to prepare the following documents:

    * The application form available at http://www.mat.unical.it/isimr .
    * A Curriculum Vitae (conforming to the template available at
    * A research project (maximum 3 pages).
    * Reference (recommendation) letters (maximum 2).
    * A list of passed university exams, with scores (and cre***s, if

    All of these documents are to be sent via email to the following recipients:

    The deadline is 2009-09-24 (September 24th, 2009), 12:00 CEST.

    To get in contact with the Director of the School, write to:

    Prof. Nicola Leone
    Department of Mathematics, University of Calabria
    Ponte P. Bucci, cubo 30b
    I-87036 Rende (CS), Italy
    Email: leone@mat.unical.it

    ================================================== ==========================

    For further information, please refer to:
    Doctoral School: Systems Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics, Operations Research - mat.unical.it doctoralschool
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