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Best Wish for Valentinê?Ts Day 2009

Chủ đề trong 'Anh (English Club)' bởi wbguy, 14/02/2009.

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    Best Wish for Valentinê?Ts Day 2009

    Best Wish for Valentinê?Ts Day 2009

    From the refeshing London, for those who are in love, for those newly entangled men and women, for those offcially established couple on the other side of the world, a special day of love and care.

    Pump up your oxytocin, the so-called ?~love-hormonê?T, it will lower your stress hormone of cortisol, improve your moods, and definitely bond people emotionally. It is a good way to live. It is a special day to think and to do something for the one(s) that you love. Think of the special times in your lives from that special person. Stop and enjoy life, and share its prized and emotional values. You live only one life, so enjoy it at its fullest at this moment. In your life journey, you need to stop and smell the roses on your pathway. A token of love will bring smiles. ?oMy dearest, darling, I send you a Valentinê? ?" ?oBe my Valentine!? ?" ?oI Love You?? Or just an unspoken word that you may have in your definition of true love; believe in them. Magic will happen when meaningful and kind acts are done.

    Have a wonderful Valentinê?Ts Day.


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