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    cuộc thi mới


    Schindler Award for Architecture: "Access for All"

    A Conceptual Competition for European Schools of Architecture
    Under the sponsorship of Schindler, the Elevator and Escalator Company

    Dear Students,

    The Council of Europe has designated 2003 as the European Year of People with Disabilities. Schindler, the world?Ts largest manufacturer of escalators and second largest manufacturer of elevators, has always been committed to improving the mobility of people with disabilities, making a tangible contribution through its ?odesign for all? vertical transport products.

    Schindler is collaborating with the European Commission as a Corporate Partner during this important year. The launch of the European Architectural Competition is one activity amongst others that we are supporting as part of this collaboration. It is aimed at students in their last two years of study at major European schools of architecture.

    This event presents a unique opportunity to increase the awareness and understanding of issues surrounding accessibility and the need for truly accessible vertical transport products.The competition targets you as designers of the future, primarily to raise your awareness of the issues, but also challenges you to deliver bold new designs in accessibility. New modes of transport and brand-new concepts designed into the architecture of the project could reveal radical new forms of accessibility.

    Students, we are looking forward to see your projects and are counting on you for surprising and constructive proposals!

    Wishing you all the best

    Để gió cuốn đi
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    hay quá hấu ơi, nhưng mà chị ứ biết tiếng anh, chỉ biết tiếng em thui
    Có lẽ hấu mời bác wegotjam vào dịch qua tiếng việt giúp cái nhờ
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    The conceptual competition "Access for All" is open to all students of the two last years studying at a European university or college of architecture. We kindly ask the responsible professor to apply his class directly on this website by filling out the online application form. A confirmation will be returned to the class representative or professor within seven days. The documentation of the Schindler Award including a CD ROM and a gift from Schindler will be sent to the classes after September 15th, 2003.
    Since the number of students per course varies greatly among European universities, Schindler rules that courses with more than twelve students may be subdivided into classes. This measure helps to equalize the chances for all students to be selected to participate in the finals.
    Each class will choose one of the proposed focal topics to best fit its internal program. It will subsequently organize an internal competition to select the one project which will be submitted to the European competition finals. Example: A final-year course of 30 students may submit three projects for the finals (12 + 12 + 6 = 3 classes).
    The competition is accessible to students as individuals. It is up to the schools to decide according to their policy whether teamwork is allowed.
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    ai quan tâm thì vào đây ...
    Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine
    The Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine (HHRC) and the University of
    Maine at Augusta (UMA) are excited to announce an open two-stage Design
    Competition for an ad***ion to the Bennett D. Katz Library to house the
    Education Resource Center on the campus of the University of Maine at
    The Sponsor''''s goals for this two-stage open design Competition are: - to elicit and select a creative design which will express the mission
    of the HHRC (the mission of the HHRC is to educate about the Holocaust,
    to advocate for human rights and dignity, and to celebrate diversity).
    - to build a resource center that provides an inspiring and welcoming
    educational environment for people of all ages
    - to build within the proposed budget.
    Type Of Project
    Each submission must provide a conceptual design for a 5,500-6,000 sq.
    ft. Education Resource Center with a construction budget of $1 million
    (Phase 1). The design must also allow for a possible Phase 2 future
    expansion of a multi-use/lecture/performance area that will accommodate
    130-150 people.
    In general, the planned buildings and site plan should incorporate the
    goals of sustainable design within the allotted budget.
    All interested participants must be at least 18 years of age and may register by submitting the Registration Form, along with a check or money order in the amount of $25.00, payable to HHRC. Submissions will be accepted from individuals or teams.
    Competition Format
    This Design Competition is organized in two stages. In stage one, the
    Building Committee will choose up to four designs whose authors will be
    invited to participate in stage two, which entails the submission of
    more detailed proposals for the Education Resource Center. In ad***ion,
    up to five submissions will be chosen for honorable mention. Stage two
    submission guidelines and other materials will be distributed to the
    finalists upon notification of their eligibility.
    From stage two submissions, the Building Committee will recommend a
    winning design to the Holocaust Human Rights Center, whose Directors shall
    vote on whether or not to accept the Building Committees
    recommendation. The results of the Competition will be announced via press releases
    and this web site.
    The decisions of the Sponsor in all matters relating to this
    Competition will be final.
    Registration is open to anyone at least 18 years of age as of the date
    of registration. If an entry is submitted by a team, the registration
    form must identify one official representative.
    To be eligible to participate in stage two of the competition, each
    designer or design team must be, or include, a licensed Maine architect or
    Registration deadline March 15, 2004
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