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hoc phi tya ban nha giam 100% khi ban la cong dan cua tay ban nha hoac eu, hoac co nguoi than cac ba

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    students who do not reside in Spain and who are not nationals of the European Union (EU)

    If you do not live in Spain and are not a national of an EU member state, a coefficient of 1.5 will be applied to the per-cre*** fee for the master's degree, in accordance with the nationality stated when you pre-enrolled and on any identification documents you have provided.

    If you feel you should be exempt from the surcharge, you will need *****bmit the original and a photocopy of your foreigner identification number (NIE) document at your school. You will be exempt from the surcharge if you are:

    A citizen of the UE.
    A relative of a citizen of the UE.
    A permanent resident of Spain.
    Reunited with your family in Spain.

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