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Intensified Rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Chủ đề trong 'Argentina (ArFC)' bởi lopezmikeee1, 20/03/2018.

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    Football has made Argentine forward Lionel Messi and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo quite famous against each other and apart. The rivalry between the two w88 power players has been ongoing for quite some time now and it can be summarized into three main reasons. Messi claims to be angry with the Portuguese forward for one main reason which involves the Ballon d’Or possibly going to Messi this season.

    This season does not make their rivalry simmer deposit m88 down any less with Messi and Ronaldo enduring dissimilar fortunes. Barcelona sits seven points ranking highest in La Liga, while Real Madrid continues to trail their rivals by 17 points online betting Malaysia , placing fourth.

    Ronaldo has gained huge numbers when it comes to goals but this season, the footballer only earned 4 league goals to his name. Real Madrid's rocky performance and gameplay have landed them in the La Liga table making the Messi - Ronaldo opposition fuse even more.

    Lionel Messi is coming out unrivaled in his success at the Nou Camp where the player stays consistent with his form and assertion in his dynamic and dynamic level. This has sparked some conflict on Ronaldo's end according to Diario Gol.

    3 reasons why Ronaldo is especially pissed at Messi this season
    Barcelona is Nine Points at the Top of the Table

    With El Clasico, specifically on May 6, the challenge of winning and being crowned champion is highly possible . This is because of the high possibility of the team staying ahead of the nine points and acing the consistency of their performance team, enabling the championship to go up in the end.

    Ronaldo is said to be unsettled over Barcelona's dominance in the Champions League. The Portuguese forward is threatened by the probability of Messi taking the rails to help the Catalan club stop, Ernesto Valverde, prompting them to lock down the prestigious award.

    Messi's chances of winning the Ballon d'Or this Season is Highly Possible

    Ronaldo and Messi both have 5 prominent Ballon d'Or trophies each under their names. This may not be so soon since Messi may be able to claim this year's Ballon d'Or if Messi leads the team to the championship.

    Messi Gets to Start His Term in Russia Fresh while Ronaldo Beats it out Throughout the Rest of the Season

    Since Real Madrid is still in the battle for the Champions League, Ronaldo is unaware that he will have to play his game at 100% in every game throughout the season. This makes him quite uneasy since it will burn him out for when he goes for the World Cup. On the other hand, Messi will get a head start in Russia fresh and could still play the rest of his season rested and well-modulated.

    The long-term rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo for the best football player in the world continues to this day. Due to this unannounced news to Ronaldo, expect intensity in the field throughout the season. There is nothing holding both players back from winning another Ballon d'Or. The question is, who is going to get to add another one to their current five?

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