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IT internships and PhD positions in Trento

Chủ đề trong 'Italy' bởi allroadsleadtoRome, 21/04/2010.

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    We are looking for top students who have, or will soon have, a degree in computer science or strongly related areas. These students should be interested in pursuing their career by doing a PhD within a leading, internationally recognized, group. The candidates will be required to start with an internship period of 6-8 months during which they will have to complete the first assignment. Successful candidates will be invited to apply for the PhD program in Information and Telecommunication Technology at the University of Trento and work on a leading edge research topic.

    The first assignment and the PhD topic will be both within the scope of the KnowDive project. The project aims at creating new technologies and tools for managing (personal) knowledge and for its seamless integration into the global infrastructure of the emerging Web 2.0. Some key phrases which characterize the project are: (Semantic) Web, faceted metadata search and navigation, semantic matching, classifications and thesauri, lightweight ontologies, peer-to-peer systems, social networks.

    Candidates should have profound Java programming experience, good knowledge of database technology, web technologies and languages (e.g., HTTP, (D)HTML, javascript, AJAX, XUL). Knowledge in one (or several) of the following areas is a plus:

    * OWL, RDF, XML, SKOS;
    * Faceted metadata search and navigation;
    * Document indexing and keywords-based search technology (e.g., Lucene);
    * Web browser development (Firefox development is a plus);
    * Peer-to-peer technology (e.g., JXTA);
    * Content management systems;
    * Wordnet;
    * Usability studies and practical experience with solving usability-related problems;
    * Natural language processing techniques;
    * Named entity recognition techniques;
    * Text mining techniques;
    * Security in distributed content management systems.

    Salaries are competitive.

    Interested students can send their CV and statement of interest to: Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia

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