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it's raining out here, mother earth's crying for her son

Chủ đề trong 'The Beatles' bởi nouveau, 08/12/2006.

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    26 year ago, the world lost one of it most beloved man, John Lennon. But the day of his death is also the beginning of his immortal.
    Chapman can kill you, and he did it, but we will never let you die. Your "imagine" may never come true, but as long as there is still love on this green earth, there is still war and people still kill each others for no reason (as it has been for ever), you are still in our heart. Many people love Paul more than you (and I''m one of them) but while Paul is just a pure lover, you are the true love fighter, Paul is a lovely guy that every one will fall in love with but you are the great man that we always need. John , you are the men who walked his life to legend. You don''t believe in hell and heaven, so i think you are among those stars upon us on the sky now, hope you will never feel alone again.......

    It''s sonny out site now, John.

    in memory of John Lennon (Oct 9 1940 - Dec 8 1980) who give hope to man but keep none for himself.

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