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Jack's 'Fireflies' MV quickly reached the favourite 3 trending YouTube

Chủ đề trong 'Âm nhạc' bởi yeuamnhac118, 12/01/2021.

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    With nearly 5 million views after 12 hours of premiere, Jack's MV ‘Fireflies’ enters the prime 3 trends of YouTube. The MV received a lot of praise when he inserted the message of environmental protection.

    Jack also broke his own record, Firefly MV has the most screened views, up to 300,000 people. Jack continues to hold the position as a singer with many music products reaching 1 million views in the shortest time.

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    Fireflies have reaped many achievements since they were just a demo, with more than 24 million views on YouTube despite the duration of less than 50 seconds.

    Possessing close lyrics with a gentle emotional circuit and Jack's signature lyrical singing, Fireflies is a mellow and romantic ballad song.

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    "Although Fireflies used a newer, faster beat to match the pop ballad material, it still retains the quintessence of the fan-favorite demo, delivering a burst of emotion. For listeners, "said Jack.
    The plus point of this MV is the content that carries a humanistic message, about the dream of protecting the forest along with the love of couples, delicately portrayed by director Nhu Dang.

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    Jack added: "The two messages I want to integrate to the audience in this product are spreading environmental actions and always shining my way through the image of a tiny creature, a firefly." . Contributing in this MV is Ngoc Tran, the favourite 30 Miss Vietnam pageants 2016, contributing to creating a fairytale atmosphere, the most mysterious for the story in the deep forest. Firefly MV ends Jack's energetic, creative and passionate journey in 2020.

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