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Chủ đề trong 'Tìm bạn/thày/lớp học ngoại ngữ' bởi TranNgocVui, 03/06/2008.

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  1. teamohau

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    thầy ơi làm ơn cho em hỏi có lớp IELTS nào mới hoặc sắp thành lập không ạ? Em muốn đăng kí tham gia ạ!
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  2. nganxuanan

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    1. If I had enough money , I?Td buy a tiny bungalow , which was eqipped with the humblest household objects .
    2. The first post-war generation appears to be willing with their current life . They nolonger contend to change a political organisation.
    3. The more is better is one of Viet Nam ?~s idioms.
    4. She traded beauty for money , this takes away people from her.
    5. I can live in your place in a few days, can?Tt I ?. The boss have just taken me away workplace .
    6. She asserts : It?Ts less likely to gain benefit from Mr Chales . He is very skimpy.
    7. She cites from a Ho Chi Minh?Ts speech that the making better use of money as developing nation .
    8. If you was accepted , you?Td adjust your behaviour accordingly . They ?~ll base on it to measure.
    9. The output is proxy of increased productivity . But It doesn?Tt fit the fact .
    10. A bank was taken as a debitor .
    11. Mrs Janê?Ts undelings often leave for more arable pasture to earn more money.
    12. I find it difficult to explain my status , I may have a huge penalty for this leisure .
    13. I had a commitement to the firm , therefoce, I must tie to whole life to it.There
    14. They are on salary , monthly they extract a little money from its to contribute pension.
    15. Nowadays , many corporates are downsining when Its profit climb , because managers believe that It?Ts the best way to make more profit by reduced unreasonable costs.
    16. The overworked for workers has set in decreasing productivity.
    17. For the first decade or so of increasing productivity , working hours shrank to 8 eight hours daily
    18. The undedremployed cope with difficult things such as: reduced real wage.
    19. A boss has responded to decrease in productivity , he has employees to work overtime.
    20. The economy was stagnated since that year by the oil crisis
    21. When autum approaches , There abound with cheap car modes in market car makers.
    22. This food seems reserved largely for vegetarians.
    23. There are many reasons for chosing a large hat rather then buying an umbrella.
    24. He compels servants to work overtime . It is one of a host of factors to drive them leave him
    25. Benefit was decoupled from the revenue.
    26. Mr chales of Haward University gave some observations about the notoriety that this organization has been gained.
    27. President is a hard liner. He make the business climate more purer
    Ngân ielts 47
    You ?~ d better off go out
  3. lienpb

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    - Plants pour oxygen into environment while soaking up.
    - Iran has been carried out stategy : trade oil for food
    - The cost of fuel has more than double in the last year and quadruples since 2004.
    - Big difficulties of the national economy have forced Commercial bank to adjust their profit targets.
    - Farmer have faces various obstacle in their work, including a lack of premises used for breeding animals and processing product, a lack of electricity and hing interest loans from banks
    - The biggest bank have announced to cut interest rate, compels other banks also to cut
    - Many firm worried about that, if they do not access to the loans, they will not carry out business plans in time.
    - The finance crisis in US are less likely to influence in VN market.
    - To cope with increases in the price of input material, many company foced to cut labour,take people away from workplace.
  4. ngoiong

    ngoiong Thành viên mới

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    31. Most marketer falling foul of stick working regulations in office, have been given up onê?Ts job and come to freelance
    32. Trainees learned in English class of Mr Vui is about to become respectable and chic
    33. She had yet to be graduate, but employers queued up to take her working for his company
    34. Men are not only would-be management, growing number of women are overcoming to hold power. Lan for instance, she is create director in FPT group, at the same time she manages private fashion company of her husband and she is planning a massive underground supermarket to be begun in the next year
    35. belly dance is already common in Viet Nam, where 80 percent of young girl is squeezed into 30 percent of other dance
    36. indeed, moles has no need to pay heating bill since they do not need electric heater
    37. increased homework led to decreases in playing hours
    38. Mr Vui who had been putting in 12 hours days, six days a week found his time on job shrinking to 2 hours daily, 3 days a week so him decided to travel around the world
    39. Only generation ago people worried about what happen would be with earthquake, tsunami.
    40. Bull spend as much time on ruminate as time for fish swimming on water
  5. chungbkhn

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  6. 7on7off

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    Thầy xem và sửa giúp em với ạ.
    6. Today, I live with fully love in my heart. Mastery''s power can shatter a whole military of nations or enven destroy all the life on the earth but only the invisibility enery of Love has opened to enter into human''s soul and heart.
    Emotion, in one form or another, has long been in efficient assistant (in noble assistant) to a man enjoys fully a beautiful life or just simply pursues happiness. As one of the most widely used of generated the life-sense and certainly the most important of factor, emotion can be as imposing as a catalyst which pushes our to attain purpose of life. It also serving as Lodestar for a boy openly pursuing a girl :)
    7. I beg gratulatory this day with fully emotion in my soul. My speech you can''t believe, my seeming you can slight, my face you can disgrace but with my love, I will make your heart to melt away glacial thus like the sunlight travel over a mass of cloud to make hibernal days soft and warm. Imaging that on the horizon are you of my wife. This could store happiness and moneys by means of the rich man rather than a poor man.
    However, in fact, I have yet to be married but I had 3 sons. Be careful!

    Được 7on7off sửa chữa / chuyển vào 00:37 ngày 21/09/2008
  7. ngoiong

    ngoiong Thành viên mới

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    1. cloth, in one form or another, has long been noble service to humans. As one of the most indispensable ues of material, and certainly most versatile, it can be as imposing as clothes to keep warm or as canvas helps people to defend against the weather and insect. The uses of this material have been broadened dramatically by new technologies chemical textile
    2. a new type of cloth serving as clothes of super man and his family, his friends like batman, spidermanõ?Ư, even it can not destroy by fire; can dispose dirt themselves
    3. on the horizon are optical cloth. These could make invisible carpet by mean of light õ?" pulse tiny lasers õ?" rather than nature or chemical textile.
    4. cloth output has more than double since 1771 when the first water frame (mĂy dỏằ?t hặĂi nặỏằ>c???) was invented by Richard Arkwright
    5. today, clothes are used to apply dramatically on fashion branch. People is crazy about all kind of new fastion than ever before õ?" even became eccentric
    6. a new trand of music is emerging that effect to style fastion of young generation. It is the surge in hiphop fashion use that has set collection industry to build news plant to meet demand.
    7. Nearly everywhere, it seems, man and women happy to wear it more and more than eveb before
    8. but its not only in collection that cloth has widened its horizons. The ues of cloth as new eirplane manufature material, a tradion spins back at least to on world war two, is also booming.
    9. to be continue
    ngoiong ielts47
    Được ngoiong sửa chữa / chuyển vào 10:54 ngày 21/09/2008
  8. z9back

    z9back Thành viên mới

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    Em ở lớp IELTS 47f67, nhờ thầy sửa giúp,
    1. The emergency loans seem reserved largely for exporters and farmers.
    2. Since July, comercial banks have responded to the new interest structure by having customers to pay a security and some extra fees rather than by executing the core interest limitation.
    3. Many cre*** institutes are even losing their profit as their interest climb.
    4. A host of reasons encourages Mr.H to go to parks
    5. Loving a girl is taken as a positive signal about man''s normal development.
    6. She always cites my recent words that confirm my love to her.
    7. Investors that buy a lot of estates also gain from the high inflation rate.
    8. The Vietnam stock market was skewed by virtual demand and untransparent information.
    9. She no longer cooks meal for me since I said I love her.
    10. Not even the humblest argue is evidence of my unfaith in love.
    11. Mr.H has responded to situation in class by having student work harder and teaching some new learning methods.
    12. Could anybody tell me how to cope with seduction of girl?
    13. Infact, Mr.H''s idea about going to parks has gain a certain amount of notoriety for teenager''s lifestyle.
    14. Real life supplies the most obivious lesson along my idea about love.
    15. Even the worst student in this class could receive benefits that are not tied to his learning goals.
    16. I have paid a huge penalty in career because I got a dead drunk.
    17. This financial crisis is pushing me to be a mean guy.
    18. Even the humblest mistake in my words can make she feel angry.
    19. My definition of park is skewed by Mr.H''s imaginations.
    20. Long businesstrip is not appropriate for single men in love, just like me.
  9. smile8081

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    Lớp IELTS 47 mới học đấy bạn ạ.
    To Mr Vui: Cảm ơn thầy động viên, em sẽ cố gắng.
  10. TranNgocVui

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