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    Making decisions to married someone is important
    1. To make decisions about your companion it is important to understand the consequences of those decisions
    2. one nice days, she found that her neighbor is very handsome so she fell in love with him.
    3. Every day, she spend 1 hours to look the neighbor passionately and makes a prediction about him, who would become her husband in near future
    4. One tool for assessing the extent of love is the number both the girl and boy thinks about their counterpart
    5. The wedding is confirmed by the ring in her finger, its evidence to promise to marry
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    Em là Phạm Biên Cương (nick cũ là himmler) lớp IE38/26 cũ. Thầy sửa giúp em phần dịch. Em cảm ơn thầy.
    Chapter V:
    The investor commits himself to fulfilling environmental protection solutions mentioned in the EIA report for construction and operation phases of the project. These solutions cover:
    5.1 Management solution
    The investor commits himself to executing the solutions as mentioned in the EIA report, those are:
    1. Establishing the Division of Environmental Protection for Phulang Solid-waste Treatment Enterprise.
    2. Setting up system of document on environmental management issued by the Vietnam Government.
    3. Fully complying with the articles of:
    - Vietnam law on Environmental protection
    - Vietnam law on protection of water source
    - Decision 22/2006/QD-BTNMT by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, dated 26/12/2006, on the obligatory application of Vietnamese environmental standards
    - Decree 67/2003/NĐ-CP dated 13/6/2003 on wastewater charges
    - Vietnam law on fire prevention and protection
    - And the other relevant documents of the Government.
    4. Undertaking environmental protection in accordance with the Vietnamese standards hereinafter:
    - Air quality standards: TCVN 5937 : 2005, TCVN 5939 : 2005
    - Noise and vibration standards: TCVN 5949-1998, TCVN 3985-1999;
    - Wastewater standards: TCVN 5945: 2005, TCVN 6772: 2000.
    5. Carrying out environmental monitoring for the construction phase as well as the operation phase of the project.
    6. Publicly announcing the information, data, annual report on environmental protection and outcome of implementation of environmental protection solutions as described in the EIA report.
    5. 2 Technical solutions
    1. Planting trees at the buffer zones surrounding Phulang landfill.
    2. During the period of project execution, the investor will carry out environmental protection measures as proposed in the EIA report to control pollution, environmental risk and the other environmental affairs if they occur.
    Chapter 6: Environmental treatment works, Environmental management and monitoring programme

    6.1. Measures for environmental protection
    The measures are described in the table 35.
    Table 35: Measures for environmental protection applied to ?oBac Ninh Master solid waste management project?.
    No Measures for environmental protection Schedule
    1 Measures for clearing the ground Completed
    2 Establish Environmental management unit of the project 2011
    3 The solutions to minimize environmental pollution during the period of the construction
    - Sprinkle water on the road (to the landfill) 2011, 2012, 2019, 2026
    - Washing the trucks before leaving the site 2011, 2012, 2019, 2026
    - Sanitizing the supply route (once a week) 2011, 2012, 2019, 2026
    - Appointing 02 workers to regulate the traffic at 02 school gates
    4 Solutions for minimizing environmental pollution during the period of operation
    - Solid waste-transporting trucks must be washed before leaving the landfill 2013 - 2032
    - Usually checking and maintaining the gas collection system. 2013 - 2032
    - Usually checking and maintaining the leachate treatment facility 2013 - 2032
    - Spray insecticide (twice a week) 2013 - 2032
    - Plant trees at the zones surrounding the landfill 2011
    4 Measures for pollution prevention during the period
    - Continue maintaining leachate treatment facility Sau năm 2032
    - Continue maintaining the gas collection system. Sau năm 2032
    -Plant trees at the landfills Sau năm 2032
    6.2. Environmental Management Programme
    The URENCO Bacninh, the project?Ts investor, ?? To ensure Project of wastewater collection and treatment
    6.2.1 Environmental management system
    Environmental management system of the project is operated within the framework of Vietnamese environmental management system. This system is showed in the diagram 27.
    ? Macroscopic management system
    Environmental activities must fully comply with the laws, policies, the other related codes and legal documents, which are promulgated by MOC, MONRE and the Vietnam Government. To help these ministries to manage environmental affairs, DONRE and DOC will supervise environmental protection activities conducted by the project and URENCO Bacninh.
    ? Microcosmic management
    Department of Technique and Plan belonged to Phulang solid waste treatment company is responsible for directly managing environmental protection activities related to the Bacninh Solid waste Management Project. The department is directly managed and supervised by the deputy director of Phulang solid waste Treatment Company. In ad***ion, this department is also in charge of performing environmental management and monitoring during execution of the project, those are:
    1. Forming the environmental protection plans comprising the short term and long term plans.
    2. Establishing the environmental protection fund, and planning distribution of environmental fund.
    3. Imposing environmental laws, decrees and regulations by the State and the local authorities as well as enhancing effect of legal enforcement; Assisting and cooperating with the involved organizations, departments to effectively carry out environmental protection activities.
    4. Measuring and managing the monitoring data, and preparing the regular and annual environment monitoring reports.
    5. Holding environmental management and protection training courses.
    6.2.2 Environmental management plan (EMP)
    The objects of EMP are to:
    ? Enforce Vietnam law on environmental protection
    ? Manage and inspect conformation of environmental protection measures as proposed in the EIA report during the period of project preparation and execution.
    ? Supervise environmental quality and project?Ts activities to prevent risks during the period of project execution and the other environmental risks.
    ? Prepare the annual environmental report of the project.
    To most effectively manage environment, the department of technique and plan belonged to URENCO Bacninh will regularly contact to Bacninh environmental management units and the branch of environmental management directly under DONRE during the period of the project. EMP is demonstrated in the table 36.
    Bảng 36. Schedule of EMP execution
    No Phase Environmental management activities
    1 Preparation ( 2010) - Assign the environmental management duty to the department of technique and plan, URENCO Bacninh
    2 Construction (20011 ?" 2012) - Inspect implementation of environmental protection measures for constructional phase.
    - Monitor environmental situation of the project areas
    - Train the officers of environmental management division for skills in environmental protection.
    - Prepare the annual environmental report.
    3 Operation (after 2012) - Inspect implementation of environmental protection measures for constructional phase.
    - Supervise operation of two treatment plants to prevent possible risks
    - Monitor environmental situation of the project areas
    - Train the officers of environmental management division for skills in environmental protection.
    - Prepare the periodic environmental report.
    - Improve efficiency of environmental management activities.
    6.3. Environmental supervision plan
    6.3.1 Legal foundation
    a. Vietnam law on environmental protection
    b. Sets of standards
    (1) Air quality standard
    ? TCVN 5937-2005: Air Quality-Ambient air quality standards
    ? TCVN 5938-2005: Air Quality-maximum allowable concentration of hazardous substances in ambient air
    ? TCVN 5939-2005: Air Quality-Industrial emission standards-Inorganic substances and dusts
    ? TCVN 5940-2005: Air Quality-Industrial emission standards-Organic substances
    (2) Noise, vibration standard
    ? TCVN 5948-1999: Acoustics -road motor vehicle noise maximum permitted noise level
    ? TCVN 5949-1998: Acoustics-noise in public and residential areas maximum permitted noise level
    ? TCVN 3985 : 1999: Maximum permitted noise levels for public buildings
    (3) Water quality standard
    ? TCVN 5942 ?" 1995: Water quality ?" Surface water standard
    ? TCVN 5944 ?" 1995: Water quality ?" Grounwater standard.
    ? TCVN 5945 ?" 2005: Industrial wastewater ?" Discharge standard
    ? TCVN 7222-2002: General environmental requirements for central domestic(municipal) wastewater treatment plants
    ? TCVN 6772-2000: Water quality- Domestic wastewater- Discharge standard
    (5) Health standards
    6.3.2 Implementation of environmental supervision Constructional phase
    a. Air quality monitoring
    - Number of samples: 08 samples: An Trach , Bờ Rùa, Đoàn Kết; Thủ Công, Đồng Sài hamlet, the position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of West, other position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of SouthEast, central of the project area and construction site of entrance to Phulang landfill.
    - Parameters: dust, SO2, CO2, NO, odor (NH3 and H2S)
    - Monitoring frequency: one time during the construction
    b. Noise and vibration monitoring
    - Number of samples: 08 samples: An Trach , Bờ Rùa, Đoàn Kết; Thủ Công, Đồng Sài hamlet, the position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of West, other position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of SouthEast, central of the project area and construction site of entrance to Phulang landfill.
    c. Water quality monitoring
    - Number of monitored positions: 09
    + Surface water, 3 sampling points comprise: the 1 st towards Song Cau upstream and at a distance of 100 m from the manhole where treated wastewater is discharged into; the 1 st towards Song Cau downstream and at a distance of 100 m from the manhole where treated wastewater is discharged into; surfacewater sample in the Antrach channel.
    + Groudwater, 3 samples: water from deep-well at Bo Rua hamlet ?" Doan ket village, water from deep-well at Dongsai hamlet and water from deep-well at An trach hamlet;
    + Wastewater, 3 samples: domestic wastewater from the plant, raw wastewater and treated wastewater (before discharged into Cau river)
    - Parameters: pH, DO, BOD, COD, TSS, TS, Total P, Total N, NO2-, NH4+, Fe, Mn, Pb, Cd, As, Hg, Cu.
    - Monitoring frequency: one time during the construction Operation phase
    a. Air quality monitoring
    - Number of samples: 08 samples: An Trach , Bờ Rùa, Đoàn Kết; Thủ Công, Đồng Sài hamlet, the position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of West, other position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of SouthEast, central of the project area and construction site of entrance to Phulang landfill.
    - Parameters: dust, SO2, CO2, NO, odor (NH3 and H2S)
    - Monitoring frequency: one time during the construction
    b. Noise and vibration monitoring
    - Number of samples: 08 samples: An Trach , Bờ Rùa, Đoàn Kết; Thủ Công, Đồng Sài hamlet, the position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of West, other position 700 m far from the project area in the direction of SouthEast, central of the project area and construction site of entrance to Phulang landfill.
    c. Water quality monitoring
    - Number of monitored positions: 09
    + Surface water, 3 sampling points comprise: the 1 st towards Song Cau upstream and at a distance of 100 m from the manhole where treated wastewater is discharged into; the 1 st towards Song Cau downstream and at a distance of 100 m from the manhole where treated wastewater is discharged into; surfacewater sample in the Antrach channel.
    + Groudwater, 3 samples: water from deep-well at Bo Rua hamlet ?" Doan ket village, water from deep-well at Dongsai hamlet and water from deep-well at An trach hamlet;
    + Wastewater, 3 samples: domestic wastewater from the plant, raw wastewater and treated wastewater (before discharged into Cau river)
    - Parameters: pH, DO, BOD, COD, TSS, TS, Total P, Total N, NO2-, NH4+, Fe, Mn, Pb, Cd, As, Hg, Cu.
    - Monitoring frequency: once a quater. Monitoring cost estimation
    a. Construction phase
    - Air quality: 8 samples x 1,500,000 VND = 12,000,000 VND.
    - Water quality: 9 samples x 1,000,000 VND = 9,000,000 VND
    - Noise, vibration: 8 samples x 400,000 VND = 3,200,000 VND
    b. Operation phase
    - Air quality: 8 samples x 1,500,000 VND = 12,000,000 VND.
    - Water quality: 9 samples x 1,000,000 VND = 9,000,000 VND
    - Noise, vibration: 8 samples x 400,000 VND = 3,200,000 VND
    Expense for one monitoring course: 24.200.000 VND/1 course
    Expense for a year : 96,800,000 VND/year
    c. Finance source: Vietnamese funds
    Chapter7: Cost estimation for environmental protection works
    7.2 Cost estimation for environmental protection
    Total cost estimation for environmental protection works is showed in the table 37
    TT Items Expen***ure Execution year
    I Works for air protection
    1 Sprinkle the road 150,000/trip During the year construction of 2011, 2012, 2019 - 2026
    2 Sanitize transportation route 500.000/time During the year construction of 2011, 2012, 2019 - 2026
    3 Plant trees surrounding the landfill In cost estimation of the project 2010
    II Works for water environment protection
    1 Construct the car-washing station In cost estimation of the project Early 2011
    III Others 3.000.000
    1 - Spray herbicide 5.000.000 đ/time
    2 - Workers to regulate the traffic 1.500.000đ/man
    7.2 Financial source: Vietnam funds
    Chapter8: Community consultation
    8.1 Object and method
    8.1.1 Object of community consultation
    The Bacninh solid waste management project is targeted to manange, collect, treat the solid waste and to improve in sanitation for Bacninh province. The project will greatly benefit Bacninh province. However, the project implementation will impact on environment in general and Bacninh socio-economy in particular, espescially Phulang commune where the solid waste treatment plant and landfill will be located. In ad***ion, the project will utilize a considerable area of Phulang commnune and will affect a wide area including residential area, rice paddy area and some hamlets. Therefore, the objects of consultation are:
    - general investigation of environment, sanitation and socio-economy con***ions of Bacninh province, especially Phulang, Quevo.
    - Progandize the project and possible impacts on Phu lang?Ts commnunity
    - Encourage inhabitants to offer their ideas to improve the project, to prevent and reduce the adverse effects on environment and communities.Residential communities will contribute their ideas to chose environmental protection plans and other matters of the EIA report.
    - Suggest residential communities to inspect project execution and environmental protection mentioned in the EIA report.
    8.1.2 Investigation and consultation process
    The Consultant (VIWASE) and the investor (URENCO Bacninh) will coordinate eachother to conduct investigation and commnunity consultation. During the project implementation, the Consultant and Investor gathered sugestions and ideas raised by the local authorities, bunsinesses and people in the project area.
    8.1.3 Method
    a. The first poll
    The people were polled by questionaires which intensively surveyed economy, sanitation and environment matters as well as the inhabitant?Ts expectations.
    b. The second poll
    The investor and the consultant held the meeting with Phulang authorities in the first consultation. At the meeting, the investor and the consultation presented the project?Ts contents and the EIA report in order to communicate activities, benefits and impacts by the project to the local gorvenment. As for the authorities, they aslo contributed their ideas and raised their requirements to the project so as to reduce the adverse effects on local communities and environment.
    8.2 Results
    Chapter 9: Index of source of information and assessment methods
    9.1 Source of data
    9.1.1 Referential information
    1. Dung quat industrial zone?Ts management unit, 2004, The EIA report of the Dungquat IZ solid waste treatment treatment project (the first stage)
    2. Longan industrial zone?Ts mangement unit, 2007, The EIA report of solid waste disposal and treatment plant project at the Duchoa industrial park 1, Duchoa district, Longan province.
    3. Statistical Publisher, 2007, the annual statistical book of Bacninh (Vietnamese version)
    4. Political Publisher, 2005, the Vietnam law on environmental protection (Vietnamese version)
    5. Political Publisher, 2005, the Vietnam law on resource of water (Vietnamese version)
    6. Sets of Vietnamese standard
    Assessment of sources of data
    All referential data and information are published and realeased by the domestic and international organizations, companies and scientists. Moreover, the sources of data also were carefully appraised by the domestic and foreign assessment board, so the sources are very practical and scientific.
    9.2 . Environmental assessment method
    1) The matrix method is applied to identify potential environmental impacts and to screen environment-impact factors. The assessed factors are defined by realizing and screening every aspect of agents which could happen in the affected area.
    2) Statistical method is used to collect and analyze the information, data on geology, hydrology, meteorology, environment and socio-economy
    3) Investigation and public consultation is used to generalized socio-economy and environment situation, and to collect the ideas, suggesstions proposed by the local authorities and inhabitants for the project.
    4) Monitoring method is applied to collect and analyze water samples (wastewater, ground water and surface water), air samples, noise, vibration and sludge samples. Monitoring procedure is executed in acordance with Vietnamese standards to assess environmental actualities of the project area.
    5) Comparative method is used to assess environmental atualities and impacts by comparing the collected data and monitoring data with Vietnamese standards and codes.
    6) Mathematical modelling method is used to forecast influences caused by the project while assessing environmental impacts
    9.3 Assess detail and confident of the EIA report
    ?oSolid waste management? a new project of Bacninh Province. The EIA report was prepared scientifically with the detailed and lastest data. Furthermore, environmental impact assessment methods were applied by many specialist who have many-year experiences in water, enviroment and sanitation. Nevertheless, the EIA report and the FS report were prepared at the same time with lack of information and inadequate data, which led somewhat some aspects not to be assessed accurately. However, all environmental impact assessment showed in this report can be entirely used as the foundation to propose and conduct environmental protection measures during the project.
    Conclusion and proposal
    1. Conclusion
    1) The Bacninh solid waste management project is targeted to collect and treat solid waste and to improve sanitation and environmental con***ion of Bacninh City as well as Bacninh province. The project is very essential for the province that has been embarking on the industrilazation and modernization period as Bacninh. Dự án góp phần xây dựng tỉnh bắc ninh trở thành một tỉnh phát triênr tron gsự cân bằng về môi trường. Thầy dịch giúp em với
    2) Currently, the municipal solid waste in Bacninh province is collected and treated by URENCO Bacninh and the environmental service enterprise and cooperatives in the wards, districts and commnunes. Collection and treament system now is becoming overloaded with more and more full landfills. It is inteded to construct Phulang landfill at the ricefield of Phulang commnune, Quevo district. At present, this area is the farmingland without any industrial or productive establishment, so the environment here is relatively fresh..
    Được maskhadov sửa chữa / chuyển vào 01:44 ngày 28/09/2008
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    Phạm Biên Cương, IE 38/26 cũ.
    3) The Bacninh solid waste management master project is targeted to protect environment and communities in the project area through improving solid waste management system. However, while the project execution, the environment will be affected. Environmental assessment is carried out through analysis, assessment of environmental data baseline and the other methods. The results shows this project will impact on each the project stage at different levels :
    - Air environment: The project will affect air environment at all project?Ts stage comprising clearing-stage, construction stage, operation stage and shutting-down-stage. For constructional stage, the major pollutants are dust, CO2, SO2; the polluted area and impacted objects are the entrance to the Phulang landfill, the households living along the entrance and the constructional workers. The effective level and time much depend on frequency of operating-machines and other equipment. During the operation stage, a large amount of gas will be emitted from the landfill. In ad***ion, the workers will be vigorously influenced by classification and treatment of solid waste process in the MTC factory. Because Phulang landfill is far from residential areas, air pollutant will not directly impact while the landfill is operated and shut down.
    - Water environment: While Phulang landfill is operated, groundwater is ranked as the most seriously impacted object by the project?Ts activities. Generally, the leacheat (nước rác-chuyên ngành) from the landfills is isolated from the soil by waterproof layer. However, the probability of polluted groundwater still is very high. The leacheat is unexpected product which usually is generated by the treatment and fill-up process. At the Phulang landfill, although the leacheat and storm-water is salvaged most to treat the solid waste by biological technology, the volume of leacheat that need to be treated remains to be high, about 137 m3 a day. The leacheat will be treated so that the treated water quality will meet the TCVN 5942-1995, class-B standard before discharged.
    - Noise, vibration: the equipment and machines?T operation is the main source which causes vibration and noise. The machines usually operated are steam-shovels, bulldozers, material ?" carrying- trucks, solid-waste grinders, sieving machines. During the constructional stage, vibration and noise will impact on the household along the entrance to Phulang landfill.
    - Solid waste: The solid waste will be generated from constructional activities and the treatment plants. The solid waste is subject to pollute the environment including the air ( by dust), surface water (increasing concentration of suspended solid). Especially, the solid waste from the treatment plant will pollute surface water, groundwater and the environment surrounding the landfill.
    - Ecosystems: When the project is fulfilled and operated, ecosystems of lakes, ponds in the city will be improved environmentally because they are no longer impacted by wastewater sources. Because a high amount of wastewater from the treatment plants will be discharged into Hong river and Lo river basins everyday, concentration of contaminants, especially organic substances, in these rivers will raise.
    The impacts by the project are analyzed and assessed concretely for each affected object and at every specific moment. The forecasts are considered by the scientific foundation and the remarkable arguments together with the detailed evident and data. Hence, the forecast will be the reliable basis to which the investor will refer in order to implement environmental protection measures. While executing the project, the investor will continue monitoring environmental quality to raise timely and suitable adjustment as well as measures if the possible environmental problems happen.
    4) Basing on the features of environmental existence and the forecasts of contamination levels, the measures to prevent and reduce the impacts by the project are formed suitably for each con***ion and each specific case. Accordingly, the investor will found a department which is in charge of environmental management, responsible for managing, reporting, proposing and correcting the environmental protection measures from construction stage to operation stage. This key department will assist the investor to conduct environmental protection measures and to abide by Vietnam legal framework of environmental protection and other requirements by sponsors.
    5) The results of public consultation show the people and the leadership at all levels back and suggest operating the project as soon as possible.
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    Em gửi dùm bài anh Việt
    Học viên Viet IELTS47F67
    nhờ thầy sửa dùm
    28 Aug, 2008
    1) Hanoi''s pollution causes me much irritation whenever going out
    2) Tan''s house was built by Giao architect in 2007, bordered with advertisement banner of Sony, headlined ?o Nothing likes Sony?
    3) The mediocre survey on Hanoi building'' s planning on the 2010 -2020 overall scheme
    doesn?Tt meet with growing demand of urban development
    4) Teens, borned in 1990s (9X) is buzzleword in nowadays society
    5) Calibre and morality of party members always to be carefully examined in advance of
    the official admitting ceremony
    6) Every single dubious action will be promtly detected in the examination rooms by
    corridor inspectors
    7) 07 days ago, the damming report on petrolium price by a fresh journalist caused great
    debate in press circle
    8) In this era of international intergration, ways of incorporation plays an important &
    indispensable role in team work
    9) Inspite of receiving much granted budget from goverment, so little money & efforts has been implemented for hunger eredication - poverty alleviation campaign by local authorities in remoted areas.
    10) The myth of Noch Less lake''s monster in UK still be considered as a mystery to human.
    11) Surpired by a proposition, merging 02 firms from Mr David ?"CEO of Parkson Corporation following their official conference last Monday.
    12) For the sake of being a knowledable learner of English, you must devote much enthusiasm & effort to your daily learning.
    13) Old quarter?Ts planning of Hanoi People?Ts Committee can hardly looked upon as resounding successes. It lacks of incorporating/in co -ordinated programes/ between household owners & architecture planners. Given that/Even assuming that/Working on the premise that/ the ?o Old Quarter? restoration campaign would be accomplished in 5 years, this is much slow progress, and a long way off government?Ts target of 2010.
    31 Aug, 2008
    1) I cant trace the email to which you refer to the official visit of Hanoi department of education & training, dated in 23th, September 2008 as your information.
    2) His secret origin spent him much time on tracing back to former battle -fields where his mother fought & met so ?"called his father. Neither is it possible to say exactly who his father was.
    3) Ve Tue?Tnovel of ***ual matters brings about controversial ideas, unsuitable for a society bases on notions of standard/tra***ional morality sets by a prolong feudal regime. ***ual novels, emerged to reflect more freedom of love affairs in a modern China society. This trend, exploited for profit by some writers, turning their spiritual children into best ?"sellers on book ?"shelves.
    4) In order to achieve success & oversome obstacles in English studying, you should not be bold, especially in speaking practice. Bold use of words what you have in mind, remarkably improving your speaking skills.
    5) The sudden pouring detracted from our enjoyment of that picnic
    6) Local authority of flood ?"affected areas were discre***ed following the money -collection campaign for flood victims all over the country. It detracted from its primary purpose ?" to helped poors.
    7) His ideas on mass ?"produced, low-cost products bring about their easier penetration of/approach to/ consumer?Ts market. This theory has developed into a universal approach to consumers, who always seek for reasonable and durable products.
    8) Renewal of bank guarantee, submitted to abroad partner must be accomplished in advance of the expiry of signed contract/agreement.
    9) Influenced by short ?"term thinkings of urban ?"planning architects, on- going widening roads/infrastructures are far from meeting society needs.
    10) He should make more use of leisure time practicing English in daily morning & evening.
    11) Fly-over is the temporary solution to the problem of urban development?Ts growing demand in the cause of industrialization and modernization.
    12) Disillusionment of his respect for this newly ?"built skyscraper led to his stroke. The trend in his architectural drawing favored high-rise building but this against Hanoi?Ts architecture planning of Hoan Kiem lake area, approved under Decree No 55 HDBT, dated 20th, Sep, 2007. His desire was not necessarily achieved by chosing locations in the down town where rules were very strict as/when granting contruction lisences. However, his name was mainly remembered for his tall buildings. In this 21th century, style of high ?"rise buildings, emerged to reflect the ideas & aspirations of developing country like Vietnam.
    03 Sep, 2008
    1) Why does the youngest child ?" Mr Tan, virtually alone among all their children, displays a stubborn character ? Not even their closest family members understand his feelings, all his actions have ever done appears to have been naughty. His father noted that there is not a genetic of inherited element to his naughtiness/disobedience. What is alarming, according to his father, as the way of indulging him every whim from his mother. Subliminally, he says, child will be easily spoiled if can have anything he wants.
    2) Researchers made a remarkable finding that intelligent quotation (ID) of kids would develope strongly as playing with their parents. Dr Brian suggested that evolution of speech went with mental creativity.
    3) The police have turned to the fingerprints for clues following a careful investigation at the scene spot. This evidence must be at work, since victim is beaten unconscious.
    4) Anatomical definition reflects the structure of human and animal bodies that are essentially ambiguous for fresh students at medical university.
    5) The intelligence and obedience of our low ?"weighted daughter as a result of malnutrition, may be some consolation to us. We speak of low ?"weighted children and according to idealists, ?o it is coincidence that low ?"weighted children, tend to run in prosperous families? but this seem an unrealistic hypothesis toward our family. However, as more research is undertaken on the cause of malnutrition, parent behaviours toward their children are gradually changing for the better.
    10 Sep, 2008
    1) Advanced foreign learners of English must aware of the importance of vernacular language. The compiling of dictionaries can?Tt incorporating all the provenance of words, along with the existing spoken corpus into their datas. Grasp of profound knowledged of vernacular words, one mus be a bespectacled and poring over of the weighty tomes, searching out appropriate phrases, twisting familiar phrases for effect, literally means ?oability of ending up with finer nuances of meaning?
    2) Capital of foreign direct investment (FDI) is poured into some strategic fields of Vietnam such as infrastructure, telecommunication, informatics techonology (IT), while our country is on the path of international integration, so discreet enquiries of firms or enterprises to be invested - normally be implemented in advance. Trusted companies/corporations are computerized database for later trade transactions.
    3) In a society of fast food, the word or related phrase such as ?o wolf down?, as in ?o don?Tt wolf down your food? and ?o be a picky eater? are buzzlewords. You may intuitively think that these are the most frequent words for young stylists. Uncontrolled eating of fast foods will likely to end up in a treatment of special diet.
    4) The sifting out process is vital, applies for accounting staffs, working for VP bank after 1 year- contract. The selected list is kept confidential, prevent others from voicing disagreement. Who benefit the most from this action is the company itself - light structure, complete with trained and dedicated staffs, guarantees for smooth operation of any firm.
    5) 3 minutes ?" break of every 2 working hours is vital, give a feel for better solutions are created.
    13 Sep, 2008
    1) Increasing threatening of noises & pollution leading to the part ?"submerged houses of
    subterranean suburbia, is about to become more popular and diverse. This is not applicable in our society ?"Hanoi Old Quarter ?" Most, falling foult of strict buiding regulations, have been forced not to rebuild entire houses, internal construction allowed but architectural facade must be retained. ?oThis consequences makes 20 to 30 enquiries a week for country houses,? says Mr Kim Khoi, Vice Director of ABC real estate company. As getting dark, they move to the country house, located in the ouskirt of Hanoi, can be a way to avoid over population situation, lead a tranquil life in the country following a bustling day of urban life.
    2) A subterranean tunnel of sewerage is being currently dug in the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh city, help bring about the more -effective drainage system during rainny season. During underground operation, one of 05 digging machines was submerged at the river bottom ?" unable to be excavated.
    3) The attitude of suburbia to urban life is very limited. Rarely a suburbanite go to nearby city for visiting purpose, cause of having no acquaintances or temporary residents.
    4) He is sick, so we can hear him tramping about upstair. He should take a tranquilizer for easier sleep.
    5) The military soldiers tramped through a field, found a narrow steel tube protruding through the grass. Closer inspection revealed an unexploded bomb among the grassy mound. They managed to disarm the bomb & hauled it to their camp site.
    6) High earth ?"covered water embankment was built along the Red River, weakening by termites burrowed underground in search of food.
    7) The conventional wisdom is that high gold rises increase customer purchasing. Jewellery - wearing ladies look very chic.
    8) Principal industries of the nation always be cosseted by tariffs on foreign imports, decreasing fair competitiveness of goods in integration process.
    9) Houses, violating of contruction law must be dismantled under Decree No 55 HDBT, dated 20th, Sep, 2007.
    10) Stock of Mai Linh corporation will be likely to go on the market at the earlier of 2009. Unstable & unpredictable of current market is not a prime time for its listing.
    11) ?oBelow Oo? movie, told the severe life of scientists with their loyal dogs in The Artic, struggling against the extreme climates for instinct of survival.
    12) Indeed many of the representative officies which can locates in the high-rise buidlings such as petroleum, electricity, gas?. have no need to be in the front side since they do not have regular visitors.
    13) The subterranean tunnel linking both sides of River have halved time needed for crossing the river.
    14) Criteria sets to a standard listening room of audiophiles - noise must be minimal and insulation is ensured. They see this as a way of expressing their professional style.
    25 Sep, 2008
    1) Applicants, who apply for middle or senior management, always have high success rate get jobs, since they tend to research thorought before applying for positions or attending interviews and qualified, confident as well. If they get job, the average salary can ranges from 8,00 USD to 1,200 USD per month.
    2) The traffic at big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is described as chaotic & unbelievable - according to the survey of Times magazine at the early of 2008. It described the buiding of some fly-overs at hot spots as encouraging for citizens, in that Vietnam government send a positive message to foreign investors for improved business environment. However, progress remains painfully slow and there are still lots of jammed junctions during rush hours.
    All agreed that there has been some positive sign but said ?o Until there is an awareness among civilians, until people value the traffic disciplines, nothing will change? but it added, ?o We should not lose the sign of the fact that the awareness of people greatly bases on authority law & regulations?. People who join the traffic must prove themselves to be law obeyers. Vietnamese tend to violate/infringe the law by crossing the red lights if have no sign of traffic policemen.
    The population as the whole is in favour of the traffic law, those benefiting most from this are people themselvers. Vietnam has raised the level of traffic improvement we are engaged to since joining World Trade Organization (WTO) but we have still not broken through barrier to the remarkable level.
    3) Staffs with many shortcomings & carelessness is likely to be dismissed soon by board of directors.
    4) The outstanding feature of Vietnamese mother is the patriot & loyalty to nation?Ts revolution.

    5) The survey shown that a positive trend from the Shunami storm, which has been some victims who have managed *****rvive & re- start up on their own from zero.
    6) It has little prospect of a resounding success of abroad - cruise products in Vietnam market for the next 5 years. However, the trend of joining cuirse tours can be taken steps by marketting the prosperous/powerful circle of society.
    7) Difficulty in finding jobs is the barrier to the deaf and dumb, organization such as Hong Ngoc charity Company provide a range of oppturnities for them to live worthily and respectable. Prejudiced behaviours against them are being broken down.
    8) Anecdotal stories of Uncle Ho has been retelled by contestants of ?o The contest of following morality examples of Ho Chi Minh President?, carried out nationwide by Vietnam government.
    25 Sep, 2008
    1) If he want this proposal meets the directorship approval, it must be proved the possibility. This will be a milestone of scientific research in population viability analysis (PVA), studied ?o fern viable in dessert sand?. To some extent, his hypothesis is correct. Regardless of his subject agreed or not, all are amazed at the extent of his knowledge. This research is a useful starting point for any suspect of survival in extreme climate.
    2) To have basic notion about the extent of Paris, it is quite a challenge to climp up 250 steps to 5nd floor of Eiffer tower, from this point you could see full extent of splendid Paris city underneath.
    3) The task of assessing the impact of volcano on the ecosystem is difficult to implement. It has been widely studied in vocano viability countries to provide input into vocano evolution and assist local authority to cope with this predictable disaster.
    4) The beach line of Vietnam has over 3,600 kilometres in extent which provide a enormous range of opportunities for local. The highlight of beaches in the central are blue water with wild sands, suitable for /the prospect of resorts boom/resorts to be strongly developed. This is largely be a matter of chance, we shouldn?Tt miss the boat. To make a prediction about profit we need to understand the advantages that can contribute to local economy and these fall into three board categories which are discussed below.
    5) Early attempts to estimate number of Vietnam population was based on the industriousness of demographers. The continuous flows of migration by suburbanite into main cities caused demographic uncertainty. Number of population can be remarkable fluctuated because of the random nature of migration, this can be obviously seen in period of Lunar New Year, as most of suburbanite return to their homes for Tet celebaration. Taking only the difficulty of ability to know their dwelling into account, it is likely not to have a precise statistics. Variation within a society is the raw con***ion upon natural migration occurs.
    6) High rate of deformities caused by inbreeding is inevitable, that explain why married couples must stay a distance of 3 generations at least of their family tree. This fact is particularly true in animal wildlife, inbreeding goes with the likelihood of extinction. The weak animals, lacked the capacity *****rvive and can?Tt cope with fierce challenges of struggling wildlife, will be replaced by stronger ones upon which natural selection acts. The diversity of species associated with its survival instinct in nature world. Catastrophes may cause a species to extinction, like dinosaur with the affect of massive asteroid impacts or increased volcanic activity.
    7) Activities of massive logging for timber, illegally exploited for profit by/of some traffickers, is uncontrolled helped to turn parts of forests into bare hills, one of the principal reasons for land slides - erosion since has not enough giant trees to prevent waters from flowing to the plain at remoted, mountainous areas during rainy seasons. Forest ?"dependent creatures such as ground ?"dwelling herbivores, arboreal marsupials are forced to leave of no host enviroment *****rvive and evolve. It is therefore a scientific fact that, as more forests are logged, animal population sizes will be reduced & specially increases the natual disasters because of any or all of the reasons listed above.
  5. hemuon405

    hemuon405 Thành viên mới

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    Đã được thích:
    ielts47f67.Thầy sửa giúp em với ạ !
    1. Recent years, industrial zones have increased rapidly led to decreased in cultivated land. Some of the peasants who had been lost their farmland worked for companies in this industrial zone; the rest of them ?"over working age - becoming to the unemployed or underemployed.
    2. A number of workers are working at industrial zones took the social planners have to worry about public relations in the local. However, some companies have applied very strict principles with their employees, so they need not have more bothered.
    3. there are boarding-houses with many restaurants for workers and so on have deal with unemployment problem and raised more income for worker?Ts families in the local.
    4. Workers have to work with shifts- one in three shift a day. They known this and have adjust their habits accordingly.
    5. most of workers succumbed to fatigue and have cope with stress because their work habits in the agriculture have not lost.
    6. The economy has stagnated with higher inflation and labour harder took employees strike to high rate to pay. That have taken as a negative signal about workers commitment to the firms.
    7. Employees have to work long hours to earn more money ?" money from part- time, they have to trade money for leisure at the same.
    8. Some companies have not working con***ion good take workers away from workplace and leave for more arable pastures. But in the short run, look for a new job is not easy.
    9. The both quantitative and qualitative studies show that worker?Ts real life is very difficult. And pension contributions, medical insurance that they receive from their company are not noticeable.
    10. The most obvious is that workers are less likely to do another works because the working hours in company more longer and they feel dead tired after work but their income very low and they have not more chosen for their demands such as nutritional food, housing ?
    11. Most company workers are women, they lived around the companies, and their time reserved for work, so they have no spent time on themselves and indeed, they have more too to remain unmarried.
    12. The oversea companies invested in Viet Nam also gain profit from low price labour and the cost of land quite cheap.

  6. 7on7off

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    8. For 8X and 9X generation, Emotion; *** and Love are these days more significant social phenomena than most psychologistes have studied. On the face of it, there could not be a more trivial subject for a discussion. In fact, indeed I have had consisderable difficulty explaining topics I''ve ever written in my previous post which has sentences : "I have yet to be married but I had 3 sons". I will try to explain about these now.
    It might be though that, I would have great dificulties in accounting for phenomena which has never considered triviality such as not married but have had children. However, there are interesting points parallels with these cases of different and idiosyncratic.
    I have yet to be married, it''s true and i had 3 sons, it''s true too. Those are faithfulness, optimism and Strategic thinking.
    9. Life as a play. And all plays are the same: there is a climax overflows with the rhythm of love intense ; there is a sad-bass must be relax such as a sigh sorrowful in the midnight. That is make the play to be good but not make the life to be beautiful. (These make a play interesting but not make our lives become more beautiful).
    "Vở kịch nào cũng thế, có đoạn cao trào cuộn lên nhịp yêu đương mãnh liệt thì rồi cũng sẽ có đoạn trầm buồn buông lơi như tiếng thở dài não nùng giữa canh thâu. Điều đó làm nên một vở kịch hay nhưng không làm nên một cuộc đời đẹp."

    If there are someone have read these sentences above I hope it has my girl friend. And with my 3 sons, our spirit are a boat, take our accross over stormy sea and landed to the shore of richness, position and happiness.

    7on7off - Ielts47f67
    Được 7on7off sửa chữa / chuyển vào 07:26 ngày 30/09/2008
  7. TranNgocVui

    TranNgocVui Thành viên tích cực

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    Trang số 54, 55 đã được sửa lỗi chi tiết xong. Những bạn đã đăng bài có thể tải về để đọc và rút kinh nghiệm.
    Nhắc lại thông báo.
    Tối thứ 6 tuần này, lớp IELTS mới của thầy Trần Ngọc Vui khai giảng đợt 1 + Học thử từ 6h15-9h15.
    Trình độ đầu vào sau A, B.
    Chương trình học: 6 tháng.
    Giáo trình: Cambridge và một số sách khác.
    Phương pháp học: Dịch Thuật + Một số Quy Luật khác do thầy Trần Ngọc Vui phát hiện và đặt tên.
    Lịch học dự kiến: Tối thứ 2, và tối thứ 6.
    Mức học phí: 2,000,000đ/3 tháng.
    Học thử: 200,000đ/2 buổi.
    Thời gian: 6h15-9h15 tối thứ 6 (03.10.2008)
    Địa chỉ: Phòng 401, Số 76, đường Giải Phóng (Gần đối diện với cổng Parabol Đại Học Bách Khoa Hà Nội).
    Trong buổi khai giảng thầy sẽ hướng dẫn 2 Quy Luật Phát Âm + Đọc Hiểu.
    Những kỹ năng như Ôn luyện và Học Từ mới cũng được hướng dẫn chi tiết và thực hành trên lớp.
    Những bạn dự định tham gia lớp IELTS mới vào tối thứ 6 tuần này cần phải đăng ký trước qua điện thoại.[/green]
  8. nganxuanan

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    1. Commentators often make pronoucements on bizarre social phenomena .
    2. On the face of it , there could be trivial creatures . But if you study aspects of its nature , you will see that they are working insects.
    3. Early March , a planner of a tourism company have to presuppose a certain amount of tourists will use his compannyâ?T s sevices.
    4. I have difficulty in researching the increased demoghraphic this year.
    5. When Mr Leech travellved around the world , He revealed interesting aspects of social practices anh cultures in anywhere he had visitted.
    6. I tried to separate him off work . He needs more leisure.
    7. In long- term, tourism is one of bussinesses that makes a big profit .
    8. If you want to graduate , you will make a thesis or a dissertation.
    9. Making use of land policy are planned as opposed to shortage of it.
    10. The growing rate crime is one of manifestation of ethic depressions in modern societies.
    11. The mass character of the gazes of tourists are poppular , because they are cheaper.
    12. In contemporary societies ,people often thrive on their ability to make more money and certaintly more travel.
    13. Deviant policies is one of the factors works in the US crisis in the 1929s .
    14. Monuments are sustained and prevented from the weathered to service tourists gaze upon.
    15. Advertising an imagine of a company normanlly performed through a variety of facilities such as televison , magazines , papers , radio and so on.
    16. A dreadfull view took me to be sence out of the ordinary.
    17. Tombs in Egypt are not weathered overtime.
    18. The movement of economy has characteristic perpetuating in its nature .
    19. Prisons insulate prisoner from their life outside.
    20. Through speaking comes to institue writing
    21. The blooming season depends upon the weather
    22. Rockets were markered of the most dangerous weapon.
    23. Today, fashion is changing instantly , to be suitable with the massive tastes of community
    24. His garmen is very luxurious in accordance with his class .
    25. The method is converted to cater for the needs of the vegetarian
    26. There could interplay between pulses from tiny lazers. Ngan lop ielts47

  9. suachuada

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    Thày ơi, khi nào thì thầy mở lớp Toefl mới hả thầy? Cho em hỏi qua về học phí của lớp toefl được không ạ? Học phí đối với sinh viên và người đi làm có như nhau?
  10. 7on7off

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    This is my first Writing Task and I hope that my teacher will check it for me. Thanks in advanced!
    As you can see the picture showed above, the amount of leisure time enjoyed by men and women of different employment status is described in the chart.
    This chart consists of two main objects who have illustrated by two different colors: one deep color as males and one insipid color as females.
    Females in Employed full-time column are at the lowest points of percent: these are about 38% and males are 46%. And in Employed part-time column, females are nearly equivalent to about 40%.
    Housewives spent hour of leisure time are on average about 50%. In the meantime, the unemployed groups reach the top of chart with about 85% of males and about 78% of females. The unemployed and the retired groups are the same at number of percent.
    In conclusion, Females in Employed full-time and Employed part-time groups haven''t had considerable of different levels for enjoying their leisure time. However, the percent rate among Employed full-time and Unemployed in both males and females are quite high. This is the same as Retired groups.

    Bài của bạn Vũ Thu Hà, lớp IE 47 f67 trong hòm thư của lớp:
    1. On the face of our recent export and import figures, there may be a significant improvement in balance trade.
    2. Several major banks are on the way to collapse in accounting for their weak management.
    3. Contract is by definition a formal written agreement between two or more people, which says what each person must do for each other.
    4. Never think that having differences makes an individual isolated from his community.
    5. Our company''s mission is to cater for the needs in the fatest and reliable way of all the customers.
    6. Our product quantitive norms are not very feasible in accordance with our ability.
    7. He suddenly sinks his voice to a whisper and tell me a consternated secret.
    8. The flower can fade away, the lettering on the stone can be worn, only the love lasts forever.
    9. This castle is a marker of important construction in the 20th century.
    10. Although Tom is simply a businessman, he has a weight voice in the world of politics.
    Được 7on7off sửa chữa / chuyển vào 09:01 ngày 02/10/2008
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