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Chủ đề trong 'Kiến Trúc' bởi wegotjam, 18/01/2004.

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  1. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Trong moi nghanh deu co nhung tu chuyen mon mang tinh li thuyet va thuc hanh.
    English lai la mot ngon ngu pho bien, va lai rat gan gui voi moi nguoi. Mat khac English chua dung mot luong tu vung khong lo.
    Toi dua ra chu de nay khong phai la de thuc tap hay chi dan English. Ma de dua den cac ban nhung tu vung theo loi dinh nghia cua kien truc. Thu nhat de moi nguoi co the suy gam ve tinh triet li va li luan, thu hai cung la cach de moi nguoi co them von English cua minh, thu ba moi tu deu co mot y nghia nhung de co the hieu theo huong khac nhau...cho nen chung ta co the cung nhau chia se su suy nghi cua chinh minh cho moi nguoi.
    Chuc moi nguoi tim duoc cai minh muon tim

    Được wegotjam sửa chữa / chuyển vào 23:10 ngày 18/01/2004
  2. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Tam dich: Van hoa nong nghiep, hay nhung gi lien quan den nong ngiep, hoac quan niem ve ca`y ca^''y.
    For centuries, man has colonised territory by means of agriculture, creating irrigation systems and planting crops according to the laws of geometry. he has denaturalised natural spaces by planting natural elements. the distance left between the various trees and plants depends both on the size of the actual crops and on the systems used to harvest them.
    Each crop produces a texture and a colour on the territory. On mountainous terrain, the slopes have been converted into finite elements by the construction of terraces.
    In aggressive climates, greenhouses can be used to overcome the specific con***ions of place, creating light-weight constructions that contain microclimates imported from other latitudes. Agriculture is being industrialised. the landscape is being urbanised.
    The spectacle of nature and that of the city are now comparable.
    Co ai do vui long dich ra tieng viet de anh em ban luan cho vui
  3. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới


    Tam dich: Cau truc hinh khoi, hay hinh khoi mang tinh chat lien ket va cong nang.
    The assumption of an elastic ?" topologic ?" systemization of shape, in certain open processes of generation (combinations of formal transformations produced through the synthesis and reprogramming of complex geometries) fore shadows what is called a new ?ogenetics of shapê? this ?ogenetics of shapê? is based upon the programming of fluctuant dynamic systems in dynamic force fields, which, in turn, evolve- (and are simulated, orientated, induced and materialized ?" through spatial processes (virtual and real) developing over time.
  4. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Tam dich: may moc, nhung gi co tinh chat cong nghiep phoi hop, co tinh chat ki thuat, doi hoi su chinh xac
    Architecture Perspective: (AP: cach nhin theo khia canh kientruc)
    AP: The aesthetics of the machine, as a more or less figurative resource, or as a reference of this type of object referring to the first avant-garde, have stopped being of our interest a long time ago. In our opinion, an approach is not improved by its capacity of evoking working mechanisms, nor showing an apparent nakedness in which shameless inner elements are exposed. All this probaly serving the pretended alternative " composition." Of all of the works we now see as machines, we are interested in automatism and indecisiveness.
    Automatism if we are able to plan without being concrete, just establishing the rules or strategies that will allow some developments, above and beyond the objects themselves (when planning particular solutions, we will oppose them by bringing in real guidelines that will allow for a number of varied suggesstions and solutions).
    In decisiveness in so far as we are answering with stratergies more than with models, which are making us accept results which escape any preconceived images we have and which are introducing in our work factors like chance and indecisiveness. it is only within this framework in which we can understand the use of the machine metaphor. Not as an end in itself, and not even as a medium of vehicle. This term cannot mean more than the qualities that it refers to. It is all but evocative.
  5. hot_heart

    hot_heart Thành viên mới

    Hay quá !
    Hoan hô wegotjam. Xin mời bạn tiếp tục đi nhé !
    New Architecture
  6. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Cam on hot-heart
    Tam dich: co the hoa nhap hoac song o tren can lan duoi nuoc. Cung co the so sanh voi dien kien song cung nhu loi song cua con nguoi tai mot so vung nhu dong bang Cuu Long, hay nhung nguoi sinh song tren thuyen nhu o khu vuc song La Nga.

    AP: Amphibious living bridges the dynamic threshold between solid (stable) and liquid (ephemeral and indeterminate) landscapes. Mobile allotments, floating agriculture and water-based living work with a tidal urbanism-inextricably tied to the ebb and flow of water ecology, climatic infuences and seasonal cycles.
    Ban them: day la mot loai hinh song co truyen thong doi voi vn, co nhieu nguoi coi do khong phai la yeu to lien quan den hoac khong co su quan tam dung muc doi voi khia cach nay trong lanh vuc kientruc.....neu nhin o mot khia cach khac nhung thanh pho nhu Amsterdam hoac Venice chang han la nhung thanh pho co su tuong tac rat nhieu giua nhung cong trinh va mat nuoc....day duoc coi la su bo xung cung nhu su noi ket cua cong trinh voi noi duoc xay dung.

    Xin qui vi gop y them
  7. caballo78

    caballo78 Thành viên mới

    Tuyệt quá, hoan hô bạn,
    Phí quá, phí quá, thế này mà bang chủ bang ashui.com Lê Việt Hà và các bạn ở đó không khai quật được ra bạn, bên đó họ đang đói thông tin về cái khoản dich các cuộc thi lắm đấy, mong bạn cộng tác
  8. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Chuc mung nam moi
    Cam on Caballo78, To cung rat ban ron, khong co thoi gian nhieu....to cung chua bao gio mo website o ben do ca, cho nen khong biet la nhu the nao...hihii...va lai " o dau thi quen cho"...them nua, to nghi to khong phai la nguoi ben do tim dau.
    Tam dich: lo'' mo'', an hien, khong ro rang trong khong gian
    AP: Blur is a state of the gaze; tool that permits the joining of the analogical and the synthetic world; bonding agent between the virtual and the real. Blur is a sensitivity that gives rise to doubt and that turns visual architecture into something impermanent.Blur,Ltd. New material in the building industry that permits the construction of air.
    Ban them: Neu tuong tuong building la nhung khoi may tren troi, ta dem tron lai, o duoi dat la lop suong mong, o giua thi hoa quyen voi nhung thu cay coi nha cua xunh quanh, va phia tren duoc lan vao anh nang mat troi. Cung co the noi them la building khong co dinh dang mot cach ro rang. thay vi hien dien ro rang tren nen troi xanh hoac voi moi truong xung quanh, thi no lai lan vao nen troi tao nen mot su hoa hop voi moi truong va thien nhien.
    Xin qui vi ban them
  9. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Tam dich: kich co, kich thuoc hay khoang cach
    AP: This "looking upwards" peruses the sky and stays, howerver, below, on the earth. This looking measures the "between" the sky and the earth. This "between that" is assigned as a measure of inhabiting. To this transversal measure, assigned to man, between the sky and the earth, we will now name: dimension
    Ban them: khai niem nay co ve mo ho. nhung co the noi nhu vay: khoang cach la su gioi han cua 2 diem ...trong 2 diem nay con nguoi co the thu nho tam nhin cua minh...cung co nghia la trong tam nhin do con nguoi co the dieu chinh duoc. Mot cach nao do, moi vat trong thien nhien duong nhu da co su can bang ve sinh thai rat hoan hao. Khi thien nhien roi vao tay con nguoi, thi con nguoi phai cam nhan duoc nhung su hoa hop, nhung gioi han, hoac nhung tuong tac. Doi voi nguoi kien truc, trong moi do an the hien su hai hoa voi moi truong luon la mot trong nhung yeu to rat quan trong
    Xin qui vi ban them
  10. wegotjam

    wegotjam Thành viên mới

    Tam dich: chin tang may, hoac tang may thu chin
    AP: cloud9 is a feeling of extreme happiness of elation: "that boy''s on cloud9". this expression shows that, besides looking like things, being drawings of real things, clouds have numbers: the ninth, the tenth, the twenty-fifth, cloud 89...Cloud 9 is translated in German as Wolke sieben: therefore, in German culture, the good cloud in the seventh. Conclusion: pick a number and get on your cloud.
    Ban them: nghe thi co ve tin di doan...ihihihih...co the noi day la mot cach noi o dang hinh dung...vi du nhu chung ta noi la " len chin tang may" tuc la mot cam giac kho co the ta kho co the lap di lap lai duoc....day cung la mot trong nhung y tuong duoc dua vao kien truc....neu ban tao mot khong gian ma nguoi xem da bi choang boi ngay cam giac dau tien cung nhu dem lai su thich thu den ngac nhien. Mat khac theo phuong dien kien truc....neu chung ta co the xay nhung ngoi nha lo lung nhu nhung tang may....va doi voi ai do, vao thoi diem nao do, ho duoc dung chan tai tang may thu chin, de cam nhan mot khoang khac hoac mot cam nhan tuyet voi nhat!!!!...qua la tho mong.
    Xin qui vi gop y them

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