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Làm sao để trở thành giám đốc ?

Chủ đề trong 'Câu lạc bộ kỹ sư' bởi Color_Of_Wind, 01/05/2005.

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    Làm sao để trở thành giám đốc ?

    Hiện tại em đang đi làm thêm ở một hãng air con***ioning , nhưng ông giám đốc của em lại không liên quan tý gì đến kỹ thuật cả. Các công việc kỹ thuật lại do trợ lý giám đốc hay phó giám đốc ( sub manager) phụ trách. Em thấy hơi lạ, Nếu không nắm được về kỹ thuật, thì làm sao có thể trở thành giám đốc nhỉ ?

    Tiện đây em cũng muốn hỏi các bác:

    Làm sao để trở thành giám đốc ?
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    Thuyền assume "giám đốc" chính là CEO hơn là manager .
    Xin phép được post "abc để trở thành CEO", rồi kỳ tới sẽ viết về "abc để trở thành manager" nha ...
    Nếu bạn muốn đạt được các thành công trong sự nghiệp của bạn, hãy "check out" các quality sau mà bạn cần phải có để có thể trở thành một người CEO, người top á !
    (post tiếng Anh cho lẹ rồi ngay mai quay lại post tiếng Việt nha)
    10. Confidence (tự tin)
    You have to be secure in your abilities and confident that you can carry out the task. Never let anyone make you feel inferior; they can only do so if you give them "permission" to.
    9. Persistence
    As former US President Calvin Coolidge once said: "Nothing can take the place of persistence." Not talent, not genius and not education. "Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." So don''t quit easily.
    8. Think (Bigger)
    The higher you move up the ladder, the more complex the decisions. Thus, it only follows that you will have to think things through much more carefully and thoroughly, as each decision can potentially affect the whole organization in drastic ways.
    7. Continuous Improvement
    Always strive to be better than you are today. Don''t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Remember, failure is only a temporary setback on the road *****ccess.
    6. Details, Details & More Details
    Ultimately, every business comes down to details. If your strategy is solid but you botch the execution of the details of the plan, you''ll end up in the doghouse. Pay attention to the details; small mistakes add up quickly.
    5. Don''t Be Afraid To Lead
    Successful people are often leaders. Perhaps you''re not the top guy (main leader) according to your job title, but if you''re a leader in your field then you still have what it takes to become successful. You can be a great salesperson, so long as you excel at your job and take initiative. So pick up the torch when you see fit and make things happen.
    4. Be Competitive
    One of the basic tenets of capitalism is the competition that exists in a free market. You will either be the hunter or the prey. If you are not competitive, then you''ll end up getting eaten for lunch. It''s true and don''t ever forget that this is the law of business.
    3. Honesty Is The Best Policy
    If you wanted to become a crook, you would''ve joined the mob. If you are in business, your reputation counts for a lot so be sure to be ethical in your dealings with your co-workers and clients. You have to set the example or you''ll risk being the head henchman in a den of thieves.
    2. Work With People
    A big part of your success will consist of learning how to interact with others and how to manage human capital in order to make the most of the organization''s resources. Make it a point to work on your people skills as much as possible because at the top, almost all your time will be spent dealing with people.
    1. Be Positive
    Be positive, infuse your personality and work with positive energy. This is catchy and will set the tone for your team. You''ll get more done with a positive outlook rather than a negative one.
    Nếu muốn đọc sách, nên đọc cuốn sách "how to think like a CEO" của D.A. Benton . Cùng tác giả, có cả một series luôn:
    How to Act like a CEO
    Secrets of a CEO Coach
    CEO logics
    CEO tools
    Lions Don''t need to roar
    How to become a CEO
    The Road to CEO
    Thôi tui đi ngủ, khi nào rảnh vô viết tiep thread này hén .. hihih

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