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MSc scholarships in Information sciences and technologies

Chủ đề trong 'Italy' bởi allroadsleadtoRome, 21/01/2011.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    The University of Trento and the Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa have just opened the calls for application to joint education initiatives. The two initiatives are double degree programmes reserved to highly motivated and skilled students wishing to pursue a challenging and exciting study course in the area of Telecommunications Engineering, with strong emphasis on networking technologies, and Computer Science

    Telecommunications Engineering
    (Double Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technologies)

    This area has a growing impact on the society and resulting interest that arouse in industry and academia.
    This joint program brings together complementary expertise of the two institutions in the areas of wired and wireless networks, high speed transport, as well as software for telecom networks, optical technologies and design of value-added services (ranging from multimedia to cloud).
    Computer Science
    (Double Degree Programme in Information Science and Technologies)

    The programme offers four different specializations:
    * Embedded Systems
    * Data Media and Knowledge
    * Systems and Networks
    * Software Technologies
    These areas have been chosen for their growing impact on the society and for the resulting interest that they arouse in industry and academia.

    All courses will be taught in English. The programme is residential and a group of qualified students will receive free housing and meals. All students participating in the programme will have to undergo a very tough selection test and will have to maintain a very high standard in their marks.
    At the end of the programme, the students who have complied with all the requirements will be awarded with two degrees - a Master Level degree and a Training to Research Diploma - which will soundly underpin a successful career in R&D (either industrial or academic).

    Further detailed information on both the programmes can be found on
    In case of any queries, please contact us by e-mail:
    info-ist@sssup.it (Programme in Information Science and Technologies)
    info-ict@sssup.it (Programme in Information and Communication Technologies)
    Best regards,
    Graduate Programme Secretariat

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