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My Tam's MV achieved 'great' despite controversy

Chủ đề trong 'Âm nhạc' bởi yeuamnhac118, 31/12/2020.

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    Although the person complimented the criticism, the MV True also went wrong of singer My Tam still surpassed 1 million views và entered the Top 8 popular of YouTube after 12 hours of release.

    After a long absence, My Tam "broke" the Vpop music industry with MV True also failed mập cooperate with musician Khac hung ác. My Tam received many compliments from fans from the carefully invested image phệ the catchy, easy-to-listen & easy-to-familiar melody.

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    However, besides the "winged" compliments, this product of the voice of the Story singer has not yet begun lớn receive many mixed opinions. Some viewers believe that the melody of this song is somewhat old compared bự the taste of listening mập âm nhạc today, even some accounts think that the MV content is quite confusing.

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    However, after 12 hours of release, the new MV of My Tam has exceeded 1 million views and entered the Top 8 popular of YouTube with thousands of interactions on social networking platforms. In ad***ion, the đoạn phim showing My Tam's choreography in this song on the fanpage also attracted more than 13,000 interactions. It can be seen that although the comeback product of the brown-haired Hoa is controversial this time, it does not deny the influence of the female singer in the Vietnamese âm thanh market.

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    In ad***ion mập being released on YouTube, True and false will be released on digital âm thanh sites such as Spotify, táo Apple music, iTunes, ... In the near future.

    Different from products released before, this MV by My Tam uses a series of images to convey the message of the song instead of sketching a story about a character throughout the MV. In the MV, singer Sai transforms with many different styles: gentle, feminine with a dress in the middle of a forest of flowers, chic, personality in a power suit và mature, full of experience with shirt costumes. In each image, My Tam transforms into different characters bự convey messages about love, about a girl's confused feelings about the change of her lover. It is known that the female singer has changed more than 15 outfits combined with accessories from famous brands Khủng bring the perfect frame mập the audience.

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