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Những Album đáng chú ý đầu năm 2006

Chủ đề trong 'Nhạc Rock' bởi xjapan, 14/02/2006.

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  1. AmmoniA

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    BEYOND TWILIGHT 2006 chưa nghe, hình như ở nhà có cái The Devil''s Hall Of Fame (2001). Công nhận đã thiệt
  2. hazeem

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    Gửi cả nhà album mới phát hành ngày 23/5 của Def Leppard.
    01 . 20th Century Boy
    02 . Rock On
    03 . Hanging on the Telephone
    04 . Waterloo Sunset
    05 . Hell Raiser
    06 . 10538 Overture
    07 . Street Life
    08 . Drive-In Saturday
    09 . Little Bit of Love
    10 . The Golden Age of Rock ''N'' Roll
    11 . No Matter What
    12 . He''s Gonna Step on You Again
    13 . Don''t Believe a Word
    14 . Stay with Me
    Đây là "the story of YEAH" tớ copy trên website của ban nhạc:
    By Doug Miller / DefLeppard.com
    Def Leppard has been putting out hit hard-rocking records for almost 30 years. That amazing track record gives them the much-deserved license to get creative every once in a while. Which is exactly what they''ve done with their brand-new release, "YEAH!"
    Taking a slight detour from their 11 other studio albums, "YEAH!" is an eclectic, wildly fun 14-song journey back to the bandmates'' days as freewheeling United Kingdom schoolboys. "YEAH!" is a collection of covers that serves as a tribute to Def Leppard''s musical heroes from the late 1960s and through the 1970s, when the glam-rock era and its outsized personalities fascinated each Def Leppard member. The Kinks, Badfinger, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, David Bowie, Sweet, Roxy Music, Mott the Hoople, Free, the Faces, Blondie and Thin Lizzy are all represented. While some songs are straight-up reproductions of these classics, others have been reworked in the trademark Def Leppard style.
    The idea for the project came from lead singer Joe Elliott, who had the band members compile a list of the songs they wanted on the album. Incredibly, as bassist and vocalist Rick "Sav" Savage says, there wasn''t a lot of arguing. "We probably had a list of about 50," Savage says. "But it was almost uncanny -- without any sort of collusion between the guys in the band, these 14 songs that came up were basically on everybody''s list. It was fascinating. That''s what made the process so much fun, just the realization that everybody loved these songs. It was a total band thing from Track 1 to Track 14."
    Guitarist and vocalist Vivian Campbell, another huge T. Rex fan, agrees. "Deciding what to have for lunch can be very trying in Def Leppard," Campbell says. "We tend to exhaust all the details. But it was pretty straightforward."
    And the songs prove it. Each one has its original hook intact, but each one also possesses enough of the Def Leppard sound to make it an eventual concert staple. The first single, "ROCK ON," was originally done by David Es*** in 1973. Def Leppard took a shine to it after Savage laid down his bass track.
    "The end section is just absolute, typical Def Leppard guitars and vocals, just sort of putting our little feel on it," Savage says. "It made it sound like a Def Leppard song. And we even played it live on the last tour. By the end of the tour, it ended up being one of the highlights of the show because everybody kind of knew the song anyway and it was like we''d transformed it and given it our own identity."
    The Kinks'' "WATERLOO SUNSET" was a favorite of all the members of the band when it came out in 1967, but it was a challenge to reproduce in the studio. "It sort of came out of left field, but it came out great," Campbell says. "It''s actually one of the best songs on the record. It really sounds like it could be a Def Leppard song, in terms of the way that the production came out, the whole overall texture of the track and Joe''s vocal on that particular song is one of the best on the record."
    On "GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK ''N ROLL," the old Mott the Hoople tune, the boys got Mott the Hoople lead singer Ian Hunter to give the spoken introduction of "Ladies and gentlemen, the golden age of rock ''n roll" that A & R man Dan Loggins delivered on the original track. "We thought it was kind of cool for him, 30 years later, to actually get to introduce his own song," Savage says.
    The most rocking track, in Campbell''s opinion, is "HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE," originally recorded by the Nerves in 1977 before being made famous by Blondie in 1978. "We''ve been playing that in rehearsals, we''re going to play it live, and it just totally kicks ass," Campbell says. "It comes across like the *** Pistols. It''s almost full-on punk the way we''re playing it. It''s real high-energy."
    As is "STAY WITH ME," the old Faces number that''s been a regular radio hit for 35 years and closes out "YEAH!" with a bang. Guitarist Phil Collen takes the lead vocal, while Elliott pounds the electric piano. "Phil has got that sort of that Rod Stewart-esque gravelly voice that''s more suitable," Savage explains. "And he went and did the vocal in one take. That was it, thank you very much. But it was people moving around a bit, and that''s the type of thing that makes it real fun."
    That''s what the album is all about -- and, not surprisingly, that''s the spirit in which it got its name. "We just wanted something that summed up the whole vibe and the whole feel of the album," Savage says. "Joe just wanted to call it ''YEAH!'', just the exclamation and the feeling, the whole thing encapsulated. Now that we''ve got the songs done, and back then, when we were 12 years old, 11 years old, getting into it, it was just like, ''Yeah, this is great, this is what I want to do, this is who I want to be. And so we just thought, ''Well, to hell with it, that''s what we''ll call it!''"
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    Một album mới cũng rất hay của Agalloch : Ashes Against The Grain. Một album Doom rất hay. Bà con có thể nghe trong http://nbrockclub.info/online/?act=view&code=writer&id=131.
    Đây là bài Falling Snow bà con nghe thử nhé :http://www.mp3.com/agalloch/artists/339158/summary.html
  4. huynhthean

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    Mình vừa nghe xong cái And Mouth Disappears rất hay của Edera, album này ra hồi tháng 3, chơi progressive art rock
    Mình có up một bài trong blog, đây là link trực tiếp
    Được huynhthean sửa chữa / chuyển vào 20:53 ngày 25/07/2006
  5. deviant

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    All Shall Perish 2006 - Price Of Existence là một trong những death metal album đáng chú ý của năm nay,
    các bạn nghe thử tại myspace.com/allshallperish
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  7. SLH

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    Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death
    Year: 2006
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: UK
    BitRate: VBR ~ 224 kbps
    Size: 114 MB

    01. A Different World
    02. These Colours Don''t Run
    03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
    04. The Pilgrim
    05. The Longest Day
    06. Out Of The Shadows
    07. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
    08. For The Greater Good Of God
    09. Lord Of Light
    10. The Legacy
    http://ifolder.ru/119896 Part I
    http://ifolder.ru/119906 Part II
    Mình thấy cái này cũng được nhiều người đánh giá cao
    Lần đầu tiên post bài trong đây, ủng hộ cái nhé ^^
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    Mình vừa nghe xong cái And Mouth Disappears rất hay của Edera, album này ra hồi tháng 3, chơi progressive art rock
    bác nào có cả album o ah. , Share cho em với . Em thanks nhiều .
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    bọn Mastodon ra đĩa mới rồi ( Blood Moutain 12-9, chắc né ngày 11-9 ) nhưng sao tui dùng Bit Torrent nó cứ đứng cứng ngắc. ai có thì upload vô host nào đó ( đừng Mega Upload ) rồi hú, cảm ơn nhiều. hehe. hai đĩa trước nghe lạ tai, cũng hay hay.
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    Mastodon -Blood mountain
    Check it out man

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