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Chủ đề trong 'Trường PTTH Lê Hồng Phong TpHCM' bởi kimikamo, 12/11/2006.

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  1. Angst

    Angst Thành viên rất tích cực

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    Lisa the Congenial: nahh... listen.. how about you come visit lebanon next summer (if there is no war in the area of course hehe)
    Lisa the Congenial: i promise it would be the best holiday you ever had
    charlie the wild: and a plane ticket lisa *giggle*
    Gadget the Magpie: sometimes i wonder how can prayer work when others r praying that their latest war plan works ...
    Mike the NAFOD: Lisa, that''s the only time the Army sends me anyplace
    Lisa the Congenial: hah... we have UN troups here
    Lisa the Congenial: would they be considered army?
    Mike the NAFOD: Heck, now they are saying I''m even too old for that! lol
    charlie the wild: yer gadget god must get a headache
    Mike the NAFOD: some of our troops serve with the UN
    Gadget the Magpie: lol charlie
    Lisa the Congenial: @ gadget: the problem is that most leaders view war as a survival tool
    Gadget the Magpie: agreed]
    Lisa the Congenial: yupp mike
    Mike the NAFOD: I say, throw the leaders in a room for a "steel cage match" and call it a day!
    Lisa the Congenial: but i doubt we have them here..
    charlie the wild: lol that''s the best idea mike
    Lisa the Congenial: we have italians.. africans (dunno which nationalities though)...
    Rhonda the Astute: lol-I''m with Mike
    Lisa the Congenial: YEY for you mike!
    Lisa the Congenial: hehe
    Canusa the resident above the 49th: I like it too. who do we talk to to make it happen
    charlie the wild: l vote mike for head of the world!
    Mike the NAFOD: LOL, as long as I don''t drive, we might be safe!?
    charlie the wild: hahahahaha
    Lisa the Congenial: lool... there''s a singer here who made a new song "we all deserve to burn" (it''s about how we follow stupid politicians instead of working for the best of our country)
    Canusa the resident above the 49th: absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Lisa the Congenial: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    Zury the Enchanter1: lol mike
    charlie the wild: wow and the singer gets away with that song! coool!
    Lisa the Congenial: mike, when you get to the head of the world... would you send me a million $??? (see am not greedy!) hehe
    Rhonda the Astute: lol- at least Mike should be in charge of the war efforts and diplomacy since there apparently is none in the current leaders- we need to ask the actual soldiers what needs to be done to end the war - not the leaders
    Mike the NAFOD: LOL
    Lisa the Congenial: yeaaaaay.. he''s a very respected singer... the song is very nice... (translated to english it may seem trashy hehe..)
    charlie the wild: lol lisa
    Lisa the Congenial: you''re absolutely right rhonda!
    charlie the wild: cool!
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: Asking the soldiers might be just as dangerous.
    charlie the wild: lol
    charlie the wild: agreed rhonda
    Lisa the Congenial: as my dad would say "the person counting the bombs is much different than the one taking them over his head"
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: I''m pretty sure enough time in a warzone wouldn''t make people neccesarily puppies and kittens about who they happen to be fighting.
    Ezzy the Earnest: Hello folks
    Rhonda the Astute: they see what is really going on -, though and are genuinely compassionate human beings (at least the ones i know)
    Mike the NAFOD: Hi Mishu, General MacArthur said it best "A Soldier prays for Peace above all things"
    Rhonda the Astute: hi Ezzy
    Rhonda the Astute: agreed Mike
    Lisa the Congenial: soldiers are truly dedicated people and good at heart.... it''s not their fault if they have to follow bad orders sometimes
    Rhonda the Astute: my son was a soldier and i know that is how he felt
    Angie: i read sth like this: the amount of dead & wounded ppl is just some statistical numbers - a real person dying before your eyes is a reality
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: I support soldiers, but at the same time, I''ve heard too many of them talk about turning the middle east into glass to attain peace.
    Lisa the Congenial: yes exactly
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: I think they have a different understanding of conflict and the price of war, no doubt. But their solution set, by definition, is different than a lay person''s.
    Lisa the Congenial: the middle east is the heart of all the problems in the world
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: So you''re endorsing the idea of turning it into glass?
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: It''s also the birth of civilization.
    Lisa the Congenial: because it''s too rich.. has too many different religions... and too many races
    Lisa the Congenial: did you know that Lebanon is the only democracy in the middle east?
    Mishu the Socially Retarded: Makes sense. But where are you going with that?
    Lisa the Congenial: there has to be a radical change in order to reach a definitive solution over here
    Lisa the Congenial: because it''s clear that the way it is now, nothing is stable
    spot the Ingenious: um, guys-this is turning too close to political discussion that can be problematic
    Lisa the Congenial: and things are always leaning towards war
    Gadget the Magpie: Lisa, Says your government ... according to them we are the problem
    Lisa the Congenial: spot can i answer gadget then stop the conversation?
    Lisa the Congenial: please
    Mike the NAFOD: <--- got silent... hint, hint... lol
    spot the Ingenious: find another topic, please
    Rhonda the Astute1: same here Mike
    Mishu the Socially Retarded1: Why dangerous?
    Gadget the Magpie: sigh
    Gadget the Magpie: bye guys
    Lisa the Congenial: where are you going?
    Gadget the Magpie: lisa you can scroll me
    Gadget the Magpie: they wont allow this convo
    Lisa the Congenial: lol okay
    charlie the wild: spot where are you from?
    Gadget the Magpie: but i am up for it if anyone wants to contuniue it via scroll
    Mishu the Socially Retarded1: That''s kind of insane . . .
    spot the Ingenious: if y''all want to have political discussions, find a political chat space.
    princess the exciting acrobat: im bk
    Mike the NAFOD: Hi Princess
    Canusa the resident above the 49th: gadjet wouldn''t it be easier to move to ts2 there is never anyone there anyway
    Gadget the Magpie1: whose still talking politics?
    Mike the NAFOD: just in time for the political discussion to cease... lol
    Gadget the Magpie1: we were talking of scrolls
    Mishu the Socially Retarded1: It''s where the conversation went . . . it''s not like we set out to have this discusion.
    spot the Ingenious: canusa-same rules apply to ts2
    Rhonda the Astute1: i have to go for a while - bbl kids need my assistance
    princess the exciting acrobat: lol mike not getting involved
    Gadget the Magpie1: bye rhonda
    Mishu the Socially Retarded1: Is there a list of accepted topics that I missed or something?
    Rhonda the Astute1: bye all
    Mike the NAFOD: ttyl Rhonda
    princess the exciting acrobat: diffrent suff in england lol
    Mike the NAFOD: nope
    Gadget the Magpie1: meh mishu its not worth it ... any topic that might spike emotion or opinion stay away frm
  2. Angst

    Angst Thành viên rất tích cực

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    D: "The Tell-Tale Heart" was first published in the Boston-based magazine The Pioneer in January 1843, e***ed by James Russell Lowell. Poe was likely paid only $10. ông này thế thì nghèo cả đời
    Angie: giàu sức tưởng tượng thì k cần nhiều tiền để hạnh phúc :-p
    D: thực ra thì do người ta tưởng tượng là có đc tiền thì hạnh phúc thôi
    Angie: phải nói là ng không có tiền thì cứ tưởng tượng là ng có tiền chỉ tưởng tượng là "có tiền mới hạnh phúc" :-p
    D: thực ra, em muốn có tiền thì chắc chắn ko phải là vì để có hạnh phúc. hơn nữa, người ta tưởng tượng nhiều quá. hạnh phúc là cái gì mà mình phải có? tương tự, cho nhiều cái, người ta tự tưởng tượng rồi tự cho là đúng
    Angie: ý này mới à nha :-p

  3. Angst

    Angst Thành viên rất tích cực

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    Silvia Broome: What do you do when you can't sleep?
    Tobin Keller: I stay awake.

    The Interpreter
  4. Angelika

    Angelika Thành viên rất tích cực

    Tham gia ngày:
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    Đã được thích:
    - Mấy hôm nay hai mẹ con em ho nhiều quá, thậm chí tối nằm ngủ không yên nữa.
    - Buổi tối nhớ đừng cho ăn nhiều.
  5. Angst

    Angst Thành viên rất tích cực

    Tham gia ngày:
    Bài viết:
    Đã được thích:
    Một thằng nhỏ mặt mũi thư sinh cố gắng góp chuyện. Nó khoe:
    - Tao đến từ vùng Carrara.
    - Ờ, ờ. (Mình cười rất ngu.)
    - Đây chính là vùng Michelangelo lấy đá cẩm thạch để tạc tượng.
    - Ờ, ờ, hừm hừm.
    - Mày biết Michelangelo chứ?
    - Biết, biết. Mà ổng có để lại tượng nào ở quê mày không?
    Thằng nhỏ đột nhiên nghệt mặt ra, tủi thân hẳn:
    - Không.
    - Ổng xấu tính ghê!

    Sau đó, có lần mình nghe lỏm chị mình nói chuyện với bạn:
    - Thằng X nó là người vùng gì, vùng gì, à, Carrara, vùng Michelangelo lấy cẩm thạch để tạc tượng đó. Ghê hông!

    Dĩ nhiên, những đứa biết được M là thằng nào, tạc tượng gì, tượng đặt ở đâu, cẩm thạch tạc tượng lấy từ vùng nào...thì không lấy Tây được.

    Muốn lấy Tây, phải đ biết về bất cứ điều gì ở xứ mình lẫn xứ bạn thì hôn nhân mới mau lẹ và bền vững. À, phải biết ở shopping mall nào có bán mỹ phẩm on sale và xếp hàng ngày nào để rinh Iphone rẻ. Vậy thì hôn nhân với một người xứ khác mới bền vững.

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