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Chủ đề trong 'Electronic Dance Music - Nhạc điện tử (EDM)' bởi quyda, 11/11/2004.

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  1. deejayz-x

    deejayz-x Thành viên rất tích cực

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    In Trance We Trust 012 - Mixed By Johan Gielen
    [Track List]
    1. 8 Wonders - *** On The Beach (Depths Of My Thoughts Sunset Dub) 4:13
    2. Jes - Ghost (Phynn Remix) 4:36
    3. Cara Dillon Vs 2Devine - Black Is The Colour (Coco & Green Remix) 2:39
    4. Summer Sessions Feat Tiff Lacey - By My Side 5:11
    5. Andy Duguid - Hypocrisy 4:10
    6. Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix) 4:42
    7. Lawrence Palmer - Streamline (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 6:08
    8. Jonas Steur - Born For The Night 3:45
    9. Tiesto - Elements Of Life 5:43
    10.Johan Gielen - Magnitude (Energetic Mix) 7:03
    11.Super8 & Tab - Needs To Feel (Wippenberg Remix) 5:04
    12.Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree 4:46
    13.Ryan Blair - Flapjack 5:24
    14.Kyau & Albert - Always A Fool 4:53
    15.Mojado - Kaktus 4:22
    16.Phynn - This Is The Time 5:09
    Download links:
    part 1
  2. quyda

    quyda Thành viên rất tích cực

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    Artist ............ : Tiesto
    Title ............. : In Search Of Sunrise 6 (Ibiza)
    Genre ............. : Trance
    Label ............. : Songbird
    Source ............ : CD
    Quality ........... : 189kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
    Playtime .......... : 01:17:18 (185.5Mb)
    Release Date ...... : 2007-08-17
    [Track List]
    1. Es Vedra - Hacienda
    2. Glenn Morrison - Contact
    3. Andy Duguid featuring Leah - Don''''t Belong
    4. Solaris Heights - Vice (Sydenham Dub)
    5. Global Experience - Madras
    6. Leonid Rudenko - Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix)
    7. Clear View featuring Jessica - Tell Me
    8. The Veil Kings - Searching For Truth
    9. Ohmna - The Sun''''ll Shine (Sunrise Mix)
    10. Moonbeam - See The Difference Inside (Inside Mix)
    11. Allure featuring Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside Of Me
    12. Taxigirl - High Glow
    13. Reeves featuring Alanah - Lonely
    14. Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Tiesto''''s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
    1. Steve Forte Rio - A New Dawn
    2. Nic Chagall - What You Need (NC''''s In Love With Prog Mix)
    3. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad (Primavera Remix)
    4. John Dahlback - Don''''t Speak
    5. Deadmau5 - Arguru
    6. First State featuring Anita Kelsey - Falling
    7. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces
    8. JES - Imagination (Tiôsto Remix)
    9. Tom Cloud - Mercury Room
    10. Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit
    11. Maor Levi - Reflect
    12. Progression - Different Day, Different Light
    13. Jedidja - Dancing Water
    14. D''''Alt Vila õ?" Breathing
    Album 'ặỏằÊc nhiỏằu ngặỏằi mong 'ỏằÊi trong thỏằi gian gỏĐn 'Ây! (Sỏp phĂt hành:-D)
    Được quyda sửa chữa / chuyển vào 00:17 ngày 18/08/2007
  3. quyda

    quyda Thành viên rất tích cực

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    In Search Of Sunrise 6
  4. Dearest_Enemy

    Dearest_Enemy Thành viên mới

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    But this album hasn''t been out till Sept. 25!
  5. bravery

    bravery Thành viên rất tích cực

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    It''s a fake one. The real ISOS have''t released yet.
    This TGX''s sh*t is supposed to be "Mr.Sam - Opus" the album
  6. quyda

    quyda Thành viên rất tích cực

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    Nah dogs!
    This''''s ****ing REAL. I have personally downloaded and double checked with ISOS Sampler 1&2 as well as ISOS 6 unmixed pack;-)
    Trust me! Download while it lasts
    , Quyda<!--Sign_End--> Artist ............ : VA
    Title ............. : In Search Of Sunrise 6 Ibiza (Mixed by Tiesto)
    Genre ............. : Trance
    Label ............. : Black Hole Recordings
    Catalog Number .... : Songbird CD 10
    Source ............ : CD
    Quality ........... : 206kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
    Playtime .......... : 02:34:50 (229.MB)
    Release Date ...... : 2007-08-21
    [Track List]
    Disc 1/2
    1. Es Vedra - La Hacienda 2:27
    2. Glenn Morrison - Contact 3:27
    3. Andy Duguid Feat Leah - Don''t Belong 5:26
    4. Solaris Heights - Vice (Sydenham Dub) 6:11
    5. Global Experience - Madras 4:56
    6. Leonid Rudenko - Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix) 5:40
    7. Clear View Feat Jessica - Tell Me 4:27
    8. The Veil Kings - Searching For Truth 5:40
    9. Ohmna - The Sun''ll Shine (Sunrise Mix) 6:54
    10.Moonbeam - See The Difference Inside (Inside Mix) 5:25
    11.Allure Feat Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside Of Me 8:01
    12.Taxigirl - High Glow 7:01
    13.Reeves Feat Alanah - Lonely 5:03
    14.Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Tiesto''s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) 7:26
    Disc 2/2
    1. Steve Forte Rio - A New Dawn 2:36
    2. Nic Chagall - What You Need (NC''s In Love With Prog Mix) 5:57
    3. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad (Primavera Remix) 4:58
    4. John Dahlback - Don''t Speak 3:38
    5. Deadmau5 - Arguru 5:20
    6. First State Feat Anita Kelsey - Falling 7:45
    7. Jonas Steur Feat Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces 6:32
    8. JES - Imagination (Tiesto Remix) 6:17
    9. Tom Cloud - Mercury Room 7:09
    10.Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit 6:17
    11.Maor Levi - Reflect 6:31
    12.Progression - Different Day, Different Light 4:13
    13.Jedidja - Dancing Water 7:56
    14.D''Alt Vila - Breathing 1:37
    [Release Notes]
    And just when we thought there wouldnt be as big a release in Trance music this
    year as the Elements Of Life album, we get word another biggie is on it''s way :)
    The in In Search Of Sunrise series has been one of Tiesto''s most succesful
    series since day one. Although most fans have been raving over the first five
    installments, the last two didn''t seem to have as much of an impact as
    the first three, which were declared instant classics back then
    Already Tiesto has been severely shaking up the community this year by doing a
    load of new remixes and productions which were tried and tested over the last
    few months in his Club Life shows on Radio 538 and ofcourse on the road with a
    vast community of die hard fans keeping track of his every move
    For In Search Of Sunrise 6, Tiesto flies over to Ibiza, the epitome of what the
    series is all about!!
    We start of on a shore with a light breeze through our hair standing in
    the breakers... Ambient sounds of Es Vedra - La Hacienda, are making their way
    over the waves to us. A beautiful intro which is then followed by the actual
    tune on which La Hacienda obviously was based, Glenn Morrison - Contact,
    from Sander Kleinenberg''s LMR imprint.
    Contact, co-produced with Deadmau5, does a great job of introducing the laidback
    proggy sound which we all know and love. After we made Contact we have rising
    star Andy Duguid, from Chris Lake''s label Rising Music, with Don''t Belong,
    a first of many new exclusive tunes. An incredible lush vocal and a happy summer
    melody comes to the shore
    Tiesto shows again he doesnt focus on the established Trance labels, with his
    next pick Solaris Heights - Vice in the Jerome Sydenham Dub, from Renaissance
    After that is the new DJ Shah, Madras, under his Global Experience guise, which
    has just been released on the Exclusive Beatport ISOS Sampler 1. Madras has that
    warm summer feel and some Punjabi vocal chants. Leonid Rudenko''s Summerfish has
    been on Tiesto''s tracklists for a while already and is definitely an obvious
    choice. After Summerfish we come to the first Tiesto (co-)production of the
    album (and there''s quite a few (6x) :)
    This time Tiesto has dusted off his old guise Clear View and teams up with
    Max Graham and Jessica Jacobs for a superb vocal track. Very energetic and it
    totally lives up to the good name Clear View still has.
    Next, The Veil Kings is another new exclusive track Tiesto has been playing alot
    Old friend Roberto Scilatti, from Loop Control fame, has been brought back from
    the dead to create a truly magikal track once again with Eliano Daviti
    Then we have Ohmna with a bit of a harder feel for the first time, directly
    followed by Moonbeam''s newest track which is simply stunning. Amazing production
    with equally amazing vocals!
    Somewhere Inside Of Me is another new production by Tiesto''s hands, who teams up
    with Julie Thompson on the vocals once again. This time its not your typical
    Allure sound but that doesn''t matter with a great track like this!
    Taxigirl is the third new track by Tiesto, with Jes on the vocals, this sounds
    like another piece of magic.
    Andy Duguid has another one in store for us on Disc 1 right now with Lonely!
    He has really done an amazing job on this track also, featuring the same
    vocalist as Don''t Belong, Gita Bakradze
    Finishing up Disc 1 is Tijs'' amazing remix of Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap
    Albeit a somewhat older vocal to use for a remix, this one really has the ISOS
    feel written all over it and totally deserves to be named Tiesto''s In Search Of
    Sunrise Remix
    Again stunning production quality and perfect use of the vocals.
    Disc 2 starts of with Steve Forte Rio doing a perfect little intro track which
    is followed by Nic Chagall''s own remix of his What You Need. We notice Disc 2
    starts off with creating a different feel than Disc 1. Marc Marzenit is next,
    also in his own, Primavera Remix. After this is the amazing, but a tad old,
    track Don''t Speak from John Dahlback.
    It seems Joel Zimmerman, or Deadmau5 as he''s more commonly known, has quickly
    developed himself to be one of Tiesto''s good friends
    Tiesto has been pumping out quite alot of productions lately by the Canadian
    who again did some awesome work on Arguru. This pretty much finishes up the
    little techhouse section on Disc 2 because we return again to the amazing minds
    of Ralph Barendse and Sander Van Dien with their First State guise, and who have
    been busy producing a First State album also!
    Jonas Steur is up next with his beautiful and trancy Fall To Pieces featuring
    beautiful Jennifer Rene on the vox.
    Tiesto''s remix of JES - Imagination was ofcourse a sure pick for ISOS6, as he
    was playing it loads and featured it several times on Club Life
    We''re pretty sure Tiesto likes the next one by Tom Cloud coz of its resemblance
    to Leama - Requiem For A Dream but that doesn''t matter at all. Awesome track!
    Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit was probably the only name that was leaked
    before the tracklist came online. A great melodic proggy track :)
    We thought Reflect was a bit old for ISOS6 and are pretty sure Maor Levi himself
    didn''t really believe being featured on ISOS! Great track nonetheless which is
    then followed by Progression''s title track from their debut artist album
    And we agree with Tijs, we think that''s the best track on that album also!
    Then with a mix which is not really perfect we have Tiesto''s last production
    of the album. Modest as he is Jedidja is Hebrew for ''loved by God'' ;)
    Again a superb production, with some similar sounds which we''ve heard before
    in his Madonna - Die Another Day Remix!!
    And then finishing up Disc 2, D''Alt Vila - Breathing, again by Roberto Scilatti
    and Eliano Daviti, is an ambient outro for Jedidja - Dancing Water
    Now for finishing up this HUGE nfo :)
    As you might have guessed already... with ISOS6, Tijs Verwest is back in top form!!
    Honestly we also thought Tiesto would never reach the level of ISOS1, 2 or 3 again,
    but with Disc 1 he probably has!
    Out in 1 month, Sept 17th... be SURE to pick it up
    <!--Sign_Start-->Beautiful things
    http://ttvnol.com/emusic.ttvn Electronica, Tranca, Housa
    Được quyda sửa chữa / chuyển vào 14:40 ngày 15/09/2007
  7. quyda

    quyda Thành viên rất tích cực

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    FYI: ISOS is officially out now!
  8. ngotram

    ngotram Thành viên mới

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    aloooo Quyda ơi kiểm tra họ lại cái link Tiesto-In_Search_Of_Sunrise 6 hộ cái toi rùi hay sao ý ko nghe được tiếc wá
  9. quyda

    quyda Thành viên rất tích cực

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    Link mới
    OR Alternative Link
    -- MegaUpload Link --
  10. cuon211

    cuon211 Thành viên mới

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    mình có gần hết các bài trong beautiful things nè http://socbay.com/music.aspx?q=Beautiful+things&radio1=Mp3#Beautiful%20things

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