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Chủ đề trong 'Giáo dục quốc phòng' bởi aviator007, 11/10/2010.

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    Nếu sợ 11-9 thì nó phải bị bắn rơi ở gần thành phố lớn như KLLP hoặc Singapore chứ bác tại sao lại ở eo Mallaca đc ;)
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    Nguyên nhân chủ yếu mà Việt Nam chưa dừng chiến dịch tìm kiếm tại vùng biển của mình là do tàu và máy bay Trung Quốc chưa chịu rời đi.
    hk111333kuyomuko thích bài này.
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    Four people in particular who boarded the missing Malaysian plane are being investigated, two for stolen passports and two other passport-related suspects. Those four suspects plus twenty people on board involved in cutting edge electric technology. some used for defense purposes, raise a question with this reporter about electronic weaponry hiding the plane.

    Added to the tragic mystery is why not one country checked databases for information about stolen passports used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight.

    New electronic weapons allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter-Measure strategies used in electronic warfare (EW) are: 1) radar interference, 2) target modifications, and 3) changing electrical properties of air.

    For example, a U.S. intelligence assessment described to The Daily Beast by current and former U.S. intelligence officials, concluded any Israeli attack on Iran would go far beyond fighter plane airstrikes and would likely deploy EW against Iran’s electric grid, Internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.

    “For example, Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking a maintenance cellphone signal that commands a cell network to “sleep,” effectively stopping transmissions, officials confirmed. The Israelis also have jammers capable of creating interference within Iran’s emergency frequencies for first responders.”

    In a 2007, “the Syrian military got a taste of this warfare when Israeli planes ‘spoofed’ the country’s air-defense radars, at first making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes.”

    Last year, it was announced that new stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it also renders them hidden to the human eye as well — “just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller,” reported Military.com.

    China had just touted its work on a “cloaking” technology using a hexagonal array of glass-like panels to bend light around an object, obscuring it from view, as though hidden by an invisibility cloak. Experts confirmed that the technology was legit — and not unlike American and European projects from the past few years.

    “The general public … might not hear about how far the U.S. has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL, told FoxNews.com. “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.”

    Military.com stated, “But while classified work progresses, several public projects from universities and military supply companies show just how real this futuristic technology is.”

    “Major arms developers such as BAE Systems readily acknowledge work on this kind of technology, such as the Adaptiv program, which aims to hide armored vehicles.”

    “The U.S. military is among many who have expressed interest in Adaptiv, which could be transferred to other platforms, such as ships and helicopters,” said Mike Sweeney, a spokesman for BAE.

    On the other hand, some experts dispute these new technologies can work at all.

    “Invisibility cloak is a poorly chosen term,” Thomas Way, associate professor of computing science at Villanova University, wrote to FoxNews.com in an email. “Invisible to what? We already have stealth aircraft that are invisible to radar (usually), but there is absolutely no way given our current understanding of physics that something could be made invisible to the naked eye… If that’s what they are claiming, it’s a hoax.”

    In Electronic Warfare jargon, however, electronic countermeasure exists. ECM is an electrical or electronic device designed to trick or deceive radar, sonar or other detection systems, like infrared (IR) or lasers.

    ECM can be used offensively and defensively to deny targeting information to an enemy.

    The system can “make the real target appear to disappear or move about randomly. It is used effectively to protect aircraft from guided missiles.

    “Most air forces use ECM to protect their aircraft from attack. It has also been deployed by military ships and recently on some advanced tanks to fool laser/IR guided missiles. It is frequently coupled with stealth advances so that the ECM systems have an easier job. Offensive ECM often takes the form of jamming. Defensive ECM includes using blip enhancement and jamming of missile terminal homers.”

    Austin-based Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) launched a major initiative dedicated to serving RF power needs of U.S. aerospace and defense (A&D) sector. It has a team of specialists dedicated *****pporting defense customers.

    Freescale confirmed yesterday that 20 of its employees were on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, twelve from Malaysia and eight from China. The company’s key product solutions include those for electric vehicles, as this reporter highlighted yesterday:

    “Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) is a global leader in embedded processing solutions, providing industry leading products that are advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets,” the company says on its website and in its statement today. ”… our technologies are the foundation for the innovations that make our world greener, safer, healthier and more connected.”

    Freescale says its “key applications and end-markets include: automotive safety,hybrid and all-electric vehicles, next generation wireless infrastructure, smart energy management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile devices. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations around the world.www.freescale.com

    Freescale’s commercial products meet requirements of applications such as:

    Battlefield communications
    HF through L- and S-Band radar
    Missile guidance
    Electronic warfare
    Identification, friend or foe (IFF)-

    Human rights regarding security and privacy, possibly terrorism

    Evidence of terrorism and the human rights related to security and privacy mount regarding the plane that vanished from radar with 239 people on board Saturday, less than an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, bound for Beijing. Family and friends are suffering and furstrated with the lack of answers and even clues.

    “By late Sunday, the lack of answers — or even many clues — to the plane’s disappearance added to misery of family members left behind,: the New York Times reported. “With Malaysian officials refusing to release many details of their investigation and sometimes presenting conflicting information, the families and friends of victims became increasingly frustrated.”

    Officials say fragments spotted in the ocean ealier in the day are not from where the plane last had contact are not plane debris.

    While everyone who boarded the plane are being investigated, four are under particular investigation. Two had stolen passports to board the now vanished Malaysia plane. They bought their tickets with two other people who boarded the plane and are also targets of the investigation.

    A Chinese national, whose passport number was listed on the passenger manifest, did not board the plane, is still in China and this individual’s passport was never stolen, China’s state media reported.

    The stolen passport carriers and the other two suspects have increased officials’ suspicions that the event is one of terrorism, but officials stress that the event has not been declared a terrorist event.

    Hishammuddin Hussein, who holds two ministerial positions, said that “the four names are with me,” but added that the investigation was focusing on “the entire passenger manifest.” Hussein also said investigators from the FBI have joined the probe.

    Names of all of the passengers is on the manifest FROM MALAYSIAN AIRLINES :

    Interpol said not one country checked its database for information about stolen passports used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight.

    Officials had said what might have been parts of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane were spotted, but later they confirm that the debris is not part of the plane.

    The Wall Street Journal tweets Sunday morning had indicated the fragments might be part of the plane, but Vietnamese officials had warned that it was too early to confirm the debris was from the plane.

    Earlier, Malaysia’s air force chief told reporters that military radar indicated that the plane may have turned from its flight route before losing contact.

    “There is a distinct possibility the airplane did a turn-back, deviating from the course,” Malaysian air force chief General Rodzali Daud said Sunday, citing radar data.

    Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said the Boeing 777′s systems would have set off alarm bells.

    “When there is an air turn-back, the pilot would be unable to proceed as planned,” he said, adding authorities were “quite puzzled” over the situation.

    Sunday, air force chief Rodzali Daud did not say which direction the plane possibly took when it apparently went off route.

    “We are trying to make sense of this,” he said at a media conference. “The military radar indicated that the aircraft may have made a turn back and in some parts, this was corroborated by civilian radar.”

    Pilots are supposed to inform the airline and traffic control authorities if the plane does start to return, according to Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

    “From what we have, there was no such distress signal or distress call per se, so we are equally puzzled,” he said.

    Suspected fragments were located around 50 miles from southwest of Tho Chu Island, according to the Wall Street Journal tweets, but these have been found to be debris not from the plane.

    The fragments were believed to be a composite inner door and a piece of the tail, Vietnam’s ministry of information and communication said in a posting on its website. They were located some 80 kilometers south-southwest of Tho Chu island.

    A photograph of one fragment floating in the water was released, as seen above.

    Flight MH370 had relayed no distress signal, indications of rough weather, or other signs of trouble. Malaysia’s national carrier and the Boeing 777-200 model used on the route are known for solid safety records.

    Relatives of the missing passengers camped out at the main international airport in China’s capital, bemoaning lack of news Sunday.

    Instead of the airline, a friend had contacted one of the loved ones.

    “The airline company didn’t contact me, it was a friend,” a middle-aged woman surnamed Nan told reporters, holding back tears, after finding out her brother-in-law was on the flight.

    “I can’t understand the airline company. They should have contacted the families first thing,” she said.

    “Mystery” has turned to “Coverup” regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, to the point that relations are outraged with officials for refusing to disclose what they know, especially after authorities tightened security around the hotel where the loved ones are, keeping them more in the dark, from the rest of the world.

    Outrage over the Malaysia Airlines missing jet coverup and resulted in family members throwing objects at officials because they are hiding information learned about the plane that vanished three days ago.

    Angry family members threw water bottles at an MAS spokesman and threatened to protest in front of the Malaysian embassy in China if the airline did not “disclose” the “truth,” according to International Business Times.

    Chinese media reports several of the passengers’ mobile phones were connecting when called by relatives, but the calls were not picked up.

    “This morning, around 11:40 [am], I called my older brother’s number twice, and I got the ringing tone,” said Bian Liangwei, sister of one of the passengers. At 2:00 pm, Bian called again and heard it ringing again.

    “If I could get through, the police could locate the position, and there’s a chance he could still be alive.”

    She has passed on the number to Malaysia Airlines and the Chinese police.

    “The world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists,” while Interpol asks why only a handful of countries world-wide took care to ensure persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights, said Ronald Noble, secretary-general of Interpol on Sunday.

    Relatives of the passengers are urging the authorities to search for the location of phones that rang using the Global Positioning System.

    At a press conference in Beijing, however, MAS spokesman Ignatius Ong said one of the numbers that had been passed on to the airline’s command office in Kuala Lumpur failed to get through.

    “I myself have called the number five times while the airline’s command centre also called the number. We got no answering tone,” said Ong.

    A phone company in Singapore that was investigating this number said the number was out of cre***. But that’s only one phone. Numerous relations have provided cell phone numbers of loved ones that they said ring when dialed.

    China.org.cn reported 19 families signed a joint statement saying their family members’ cell phones connected, but the calls hung up. Relatives have asked Malaysia Airlines to reveal any information they might be hiding, seeking an explanation for the eerie phone connections. The relatives have complained that the Malaysia Airlines is not responding as actively as it should.

    Debris and oil not from plane

    As officials waited to test receovered debris thought to possibly be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane, secuirty tightened at the hotel where family and other loved ones of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 passengers have agonized over 48 hours.

    Authorities tightened security yesterday morning at Everly Hotel outside Kuala Lumpur where families of passengers on missing plane continued their painful watch for news of loved ones and officials withheld from them the possibility that debris found was from the jet.

    Late Sunday night, a Vietnamese search and rescue plane spotted possible fragments of the missing plane around 50 miles south-southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island. Malaysia Airlines said late Sunday it had received no confirmation regarding the suspected debris. Volunteer workers in the Everly Hotel say Malaysia Airlines has not yet told the families about the sighted debris. Just as well, because it was another false alarm. Same with the oil slick spotted. According to fingerprints, the oil is not from the missing plane.

    ”We also don’t know,” said one member of Malaysia Airlines’ crisis management team. “It has not been confirmed (as Flight MH370 debris),” he said.

    “A Malaysian team of investigators stands ready to travel to Vietnam or the crash site,” Gaurav Raghuvanshi reports from livestreaming. “But it’s waiting for a ‘positive’ confirmation, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.”

    Authorities in Vietnam claimed seeing parts such as life jackets and a door lining. It’s been confirmed, however, that those objects were not from the missing Boeing 777-200 jet that went off the radar over the Gulf of Thailand .

    “We don’t know if anything has been recovered,” Mr. Azharuddin said, adding that his department is in constant touch with authorities in Vietnam.

    Making matters worse, at 11.19 A.M. Malaysian time, the Associated Press reported that Vietnam said it could not locate the debris spotted from the air Sunday. Doan Huu Gia, chief of the search and rescue coordination center, said Monday that six planes and seven ships from Vietnam were searching for the object in the area where the possible plane parts were spotted but nothing had been found.

    Ships and aircraft from over six nations including Malaysia, the U.S. and Singapore are scouring a wide area in the South China Sea where the plane was last seen on radar.

    Meanwhile, 20 passengers on the missing plane are world-class electronic geeks for a major Defense contracting company that specializing in such things as weapons that disappear planes and ships for the battlefield.

    They are employed by a company designing and manufacturing cutting edge electronic weaponry for the Department of Defense. Such weaponry includes those making it possible to vanish planes off the radar AS SAID ABOVE.


    • Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion
    • Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean
    • Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water
    • Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature
    • Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery
    • Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar

    Conclusion: Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished

    ... Trong khi đó, 20 hành khách trong chuyến bay mất tích là những chuyên viên máy tính điện tử tầm cỡ thế giới làm việc cho một công ty lớn chuyên ký hợp đồng quốc phòng về những thứ vũ khí làm biến mất những máy bay và tàu chiến trên chiến trường... :D

    ... 5 sự thật không được tiết lộ trên Media...

    Vụ này hay rồi đây. Cố gắng đừng để TQ hoặc Mỹ tham gia quyết định, hãy để cho Malay điều tra và Quốc tế tham gia giám sát vì nó liên quan an ninh hàng không quốc tế. Chúng ta cần sự thật.
    suhomangultrasmilano thích bài này.
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    Im mẹ nhà chú đi,Indo 1998 gái các chú thì bị hiếp nhấc hết cả đít,trai thì bị chặt đầu mà các chú dám làm gì đâu.
    Khả năng này cao lắm.VN tự nhiên dính phốt này đã tốn tiền giờ bọn Tàu còn k chịu ra nữa.
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    Lộn 1 vòng các diễn đàn nước ngoài chửi bọn Mã đi các cụ:D
    home124 thích bài này.
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    Nói gì thì nói VN đã rất tích cực và có trách nhiệm trong việc tìm kiếm,theo như bài bác FromtheStars và các thông tin ở Mã thì có khi cái máy bay này ko nổ cũng chẳng rơi.Bí ẩn là nó ỏ đâu và vì sao thôi chứ ngay thông tin Mã cung cấp cho VN và các nước tham gia tìm kiếm cũng mập mò bỏ mẹ.Có gì ko ổn ngay từ khi nó còn trong không phận Mã.
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    Nó vào vùng biển của mình thì vẫn phải theo quy định hàng hải quốc tế mà. Nó có ở thêm vài tháng nữa cũng kệ mịa nó chả ảnh hưởng gì. Nó vào biển mình thì cũng là dịp để radar của P-300 soi thử. Điều đáng ngại là nó lợi dụng lý do an ninh hàng không, hàng hải để lập ADIZ hoặc xây thứ gì đó trên Trường Sa.
    Nguyên nhân chủ yếu của việc VN tích cực tìm kiếm là VN cần xây dựng uy tín đối với khối ASEAN và quốc tế trong lĩnh vực tìm kiếm cứu nạn (nhất là trong vùng biển VN và trong bối cảnh tranh chấp biển đông như hiện nay, chúng ta cần rất nhiều ủng hộ của các nước)
    hanhgl thích bài này.
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    Nghe các bác luận sự việc MH370 mình thấy cũng có nhiều điều cần làm sáng tỏ hơn từ Mã cho đến nhà Vịt. Căn cứ hành trình trước khi máy bay mất tín hiệu thì rõ ràng là nó hoàn toàn nằm trong tầm soát của mạng radar KSKL và radar cảnh giới tàm xa của quân đội Mã và VN trừ phi nó là máy bay tàng hình!? Vậy thì Fir mất dấu thì PK không thể mất dấu nếu như MH370 chứa mò tôm tại thời điểm đó. Câu hổi đặt ra:
    1. Nếu radar của cả hai nước cùng mất dấu vết MH370 thì khả năng mò tôm tại khu vực mất tín hiệu là cao nhất.
    2. Nếu không mò tôm mà xảy ra trường hợp nó vẫn bay nhưng tắt tín hiệu liên lạc thì cũng sẽ nằm trong vùng quét của radar PK tầm xa. Như thế lịch trình sau"mát tích" cũng không thể làm mù mạng lưới radar PK của hai nước Mã và VN trừ phi nó trở thành TLHT bám biểm. Có điều những kết quả đó có được các bên "vui vẻ" trưng ra hay không?
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    Thầy bất ngờ nhất là khả năng định vị của VN các chú, chém gió là có Vinasat soi từng km2, có radar soi cả ngàn km, có sonar soi cả trăm km vậy nhưng khi tìm máy bay phải dùng Ipad và mắt thường
  10. mao_2.0

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    Thầy nghĩ hay chiếc máy bay này lạc vào vùng tam giác quỷ chi nhánh tại ĐNA rồi cũng nên :D
    kuyomuko thích bài này.

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