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Professional cargo packing services of Red Ant Co., Ltd

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    The cargo packing is very important when transporting or storing goods, it helps ensure the absolute safety of goods.

    Customers can look to professional cargo packing services of Red Ant Co., Ltd.

    With many years of experience in cargo packing, Red Ant Transport Co., Ltd. is now the unit trusted and used by enterprise companies during the past time.

    Our cargo packing services meet all your needs by:

    • Professional counselor team.

    • Experienced packaging staff, high responsibility.

    • Equipment of modern specialized packaging machinery.

    • Ensure absolute safety of your goods.

    • Always ready to serve anytime, anywhere for you.

    Some pictures of cargo packing:


    For further information please contact:


    Hanoi: Lot CN2 - KCN Ngọc Hồi - H. Thanh Trì - Hà Nội

    Ho Chi Minh City: 858 / 20A National Road 1A, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Tel - Hanoi: 024.3576.3567 | 0914.72.99.11 - Hotline: 0913.06.35.90

    Phone - HCM: 028.6683.2326 - Hotline: 0963.21.21.27

    Website: https://kiendovn.net | https://redantvn.com | https://donggoi.vn

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