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Review app for android - Vintage camera: Vintage photo filters & effects

Chủ đề trong 'Rao vặt Khu Vực Hà Nội' bởi kandroidgroup, 31/08/2020.

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    The best vintage camera app to create stunning vintage photos by vintage filters

    Vintage camera will give you the best tools for e***ing vintage photos. It's simple and easy to e*** beautiful vintage photos even if you don't know photoshop, with a hots of retro filters, vintage effect, stickers and frams.

    With vintage camera, you can create stunning vintage photos like photos taken from a vintage polaroid camera or an old film camera, a trend of taking and e***ing photos that is being loved by many young people today.

    Retro camera is considered to be the trendy photo capture and e***ing application. Thanks to vintage filters and effects, it is possible to create the most natural artistic photos such as old vintage-style film photos.

    With vintage camera, you can e*** your vintage photos pro, take your creativity to new heights and directly share your art photos on social media: Facebook, Instagam, Twitter, Lindker, Whatsapp, ...

    Hundreds of vintage filters and photo effects.
    Photo e***ing tools are easy and convenient, smart
    Blur photo e***ing effects
    Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, templ, hue, ...
    Cropping effects and photo ratios suitable for Instagam
    Lovely sticker set
    Art Photo frame effects
    Easily undo and redo photo e***ing operations
    Automatically save photos to the phone's photo gallery
    Share photos on social networks easier than ever

    ✔️ More than 40 filters about: vintage, retro, black & white, film, landscape, colo boots, ...
    ✔️ Adjust bright, contrast, saturation, hue, temp, blur, tint, ...

    Let’s highlight your photo with vintage effects:
    Photo filters: vintage, old, retro, ...
    Photo blur effect
    Photo vignette effect
    Photo sharpening effect
    Insert lovely stickers and art frames
    And many other interesting features wait for your discovering

    With Vintage camera: Vintage photo filter, retro camera , you don't need to know photoshop, don't need to be a professional photographer, don't have to have a professional camera , You can completely to create your own artwork style, by choosing the Vintage filters are available and then e*** or create your own photo retouching recipe.

    After photo e***or, you can directly share your artwork immediately with relatives, or on social networks for everyone to admire.

    That's great, is’n it! Install Vintage camera: Vintage photo filter, retro camera now, the best photo taking and e***ing app for your phone, to be the most popular photo e***ing trend in 2020.

    It's in here, Download now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vintro.vintagephoto.retrofilm

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