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SEC monthy meeting-Report of November meeting(Nov14)-Page 5

Chủ đề trong 'Câu lạc bộ Tiếng Anh Sài Gòn (Saigon English Club)' bởi coolbiz, 29/03/2004.

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  1. spirit_of_wind

    spirit_of_wind Thành viên mới

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    It was a nice meeting, I like it, but I didn''t have a lot chance to join in the topic because I didn''t have a lot things to talk, and maybe I spoke E not good enough to join with you?
    Umm... I was so pity when I had to go home soon, especially when the quiz was not finished. I like the game!
    I hope next year my English''s skill will come back to me, and I will join in the topic with you better
  2. Satori

    Satori Thành viên mới

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    It''s much more pity for me that I couldn''t join SEC''s meeting. So sorry all :(
    I hope I can join u next time.
    Miss u.
  3. dirosemimi

    dirosemimi Thành viên quen thuộc

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    Beautiful Sunday with just a bit hot weather changed slightly and wonderfully to cool and a bit cold atmosphere when I was sitting at Dong Ho cafée among SEC friends. Dong Ho is actually a great place with huge space as a park and quite small music for us to talk together.
    The discussion of topic ?oWhich foreign language center is the best in HCMC? was conducted excitingly by Rubi, Htung, Nonick, NTA, Letmebe, Lan Anh, spirit_of_wind, Boysaigon, Phale81 and me. Rubi, NTA and Htung praised Seameo as a good place to study Toefl with good facilities (relaxing room, litmited students in class, modern classroom,etc), good teachers and reasonable prices. Spirit_of_wind had bad comments upon Dong Au school. She said the teachers there are not good in pronunciation and teaching method. Letmebe and Lan Anh chose Educational University and Social Sciences & Humanities University to study Toefl and general English. They are both pleased with the reasonable prices and acceptable teaching standard in these two places. Boysaigon made us so surprised of his quite fluent English, he must be a very potential member of SEC. Phale81 impressed everybody by her lovely and soft English accent. I gave everybody some information of studying English, Toefl in particular, at ILA. In ad***ion, I also have a lot of information, addresses and programs as well as my own experiences of foreign language centers in HCMC, and I am willing to give them to you whenever you need my help.
    Beside this, we also talked about VATC, East Europe School as places to study Toeic which interests many people at the current time. We all agreed that price and teaching quality are the two most important criterion to choose a place to study. And there is no best foreign language center in HCMC, there is just best foreign language center fitted for each people with specific programs.
    In brief, the best place to train our English is our home and our own wills, efforts and practices. In other words, self-study is always a truth and we ourselves always play crucial roles in practising, improving and developing our English. (tự học luôn luôn là chân lý, và chính chúng ta là nhân tố quyết định việc học tiếng Anh thành công của mình).
    Along with discussion, we had some quiz. They were indeed interesting, funny, and useful for everybody. Rubi was so quick and clever and she won nearly 50 percent of awards. Nonick made us burst into laughters with his specially loud and beautiful voice and natural style in the last game of tongue twisters (I still laugh now when I remind of that).
    In the 2nd part, we ate out together and with 2 lovely friends of handsome but still lonely and available boy,Htung. Mr.Nonick (also handsome and available) took care of these 2 girls so good on that day.
    Thank you for your attendance in SEC meeting. I treasure our SEC group of friends: Nonick, Htung, Rubi and the rest members, who always stand by SEC. We have had valuable time in the past time and I do hope you will keep contributing and developing our loving home SEC forever even though I sometimes might not have chance to be with you in the future. Anyway, please believe that ?o I always love and stand by SEC everlasting?
  4. tinhlth1

    tinhlth1 Thành viên mới

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    tiếng anh minh chả hiêu j cả

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