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Sheetz but also gambling make a change well-nigh

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    [​IMG]Bayle Nimtz
    came by the date it said and the friend i bought it for loved it thank you

    [​IMG]Cindy Schreier Snyder
    Let's karaoke together on this great microphone which is easy to plug into any device it's light and sturdy with about 6 feet of cable easy to move around

    [​IMG]Kristian Summers
    It's a Mic. Does it's job.

    Rio Rancho twelfth grade
    You want to be upfront about the service you are providing. You are charging per dungeon run, not per level. ****at emptor applies in this situation, so you want to guide your customers to either high trash density Dungeons or quick runs. Then the big thing in the middle of the page is a coupon instead of a buy button. I then read the "Honesty" part, and skipped the rest of the coupon because I thought it was all just advertising stuff. I therefore didn know where to buy, and what I was supposed to buy.

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