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Thơ thiên văn

Chủ đề trong 'Thiên văn học' bởi Thohry, 05/07/2009.

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    Thơ thiên văn

    Hôm rồi kiếm được trên net một bài thơ khá dài và thú vị, mỗi tội bằng tiếng Anh. Tớ không quen dịch thơ nên cứ bệ nguyên lên cho mọi người cùng xem nhé. Bác nào có khả năng dịch thơ thì giúp bà con.


    It was the night before, (as if night mattered) and all through the universe,
    not a fermion was stirring, not a quark or it?Ts inverse.

    Everything was nothing
    yet in a moment later,
    the size of a dot,
    something - an energy radiator.

    Then a phase transition,
    caused a cosmic inflation,
    that grew exponentially towards,
    quark-gluon plasmatiation.

    An excess of quarks as it cooled
    In the first seconds,
    by the time down to a billion K,
    an annihilation dance beckons.

    Time not to rest still way too hot, just not as hot as before,
    particle energies drop, now the physics we can?Tt ignore.

    379,000 light years later
    the electrons and then nuclei combine,
    Still 11,000 plus degrees C,
    now into atoms it finally sublimes.

    Then slowly gravitationally attracted,
    to nearby each others and more,
    two, four, eight, a million,
    soon ***tillions and decillions galore.

    Then speckles and sparkles,
    like first falling snow,
    gives a depth to space,
    and a pattern to the glow.

    When out on the edge,
    a shutter, and chatter,
    from the swirls and the collapses,
    out-shed matter.

    When, what to the deep
    and the deeper should show,
    But a star that lasts more
    then a fleeting you know.

    With a force super lively
    and light way too bright,
    They shine, fade, expand,
    and explode with the might.

    More and more the elements
    by orbital came,
    And they spun in layers,
    and periodic by name!

    "Take Hydrogen first!
    and now Helium! too,
    make Lithium and Carbon
    to name just a few!

    Now, Nitrogen!, Now Oxygen! Now Beryllium and Boron!,
    Now more and more and more they flew on!

    To the column of the group and rows of little balls,
    Now fusion away! Fusion away! Fusion away all!"

    And then, in a twinkling of stars,
    and a swill of dust danced,
    Galactic arms twist to a center,
    that disappeared into blackness.

    Pulled towards the hole,
    with one last drift around,
    Down the chimney the light went
    with only a slight sound.

    Gravity wins or does it really a few great minds must ponder,
    Does something leak out and fatten the warp, they now all wonder.

    Space-time bends and it twists,
    but does it break or falter.
    Can we ever know just one
    everything equation or another.

    With all this and that when you add all the parts,
    the mass not enough to hold the whole thing should fall apart.

    The numbers not-exact but checked time and time again by the add-ers,
    There?Ts only one answer (maybe), it''s full of Dark matter!

    Will it grow forever,
    until it?Ts runs out and lapses,
    Just can?Tt stay the same,
    must at least relapses!

    But what is the mass balance
    and how will we know,
    whether times runs forever,
    or someday backwards to no.

    We measured the shift rates and much to our surprise,
    not only just away they all flew but still accelerating, we weren''t very wise.

    So we heard it exclaim,
    I go ?~perpetually out of sight,
    "Happy forever to all,
    and to all a very slowly dimming night!"
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