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Văn học - Thơ ca (sưu tầm)

Chủ đề trong 'Trường PTTH Lê Hồng Phong TpHCM' bởi sweettaboo, 15/05/2003.

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  1. Angst

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    by Rhodora Fitzgerald

    You make me feel
    like the cigarette
    you fumble for
    in a compulsive fit.

    You deeply inhale me
    until I fill your void
    and then,
    when I am reduced
    to nothing more than a butt,
    you snub me out
    and leave me smoldering.
  2. Angst

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    He made me feel small
    by Myrna Writewood

    Whether its with a feeling or
    the slap of his hand
    He made me feel small I didn't understand
    Then I tried to tell him what I felt
    When I looked in his eyes all
    I could do was melt
    For the words wouldn't flow,
    it only made me show...
    How much things can change so
    suddenly fill you with doubt
    Where one minute your falling
    in and one your falling out.

    Where you world is spinning,
    falling apart
    You thought you'd have forever
    and a day from the start
    Then it all came crashing down
    when he wouldn't let me in
    Oh God its such a sin...
    Especially when one has all
    these feelings swirling around
    Where you feel like your going
    to lose ground.

    When your so full of hope for
    the future
    You don't think its going to
    come to an end you want to be
    Lord he made me feel so small
    I thought that we had it all
    when he slipped right through
    my fingers
    Oh how I wanted him to linger
    When he passed on he took apart
    of me with him in my heart
    Where I should have known from
    the start.

    You've got to let it go, move on,
    start again
    Even when I felt the piercing pain,
    that ripped through my heart
    Where he made me feel so small, even
    when I thought we where so good together
    Then like the leaves that are scattered
    in the wind his name will be forever
    Etched, embedded in my mind,
    even as you know that in time...
    It will move on, march on, but in your
    heart you will always be mine.
  3. Angst

    Angst Thành viên rất tích cực

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    He made me feel small
    by Mc Addison

    When he cheated on me
    when he choked me
    when we fought for all the neighbors to see...
    He made me feel small.
    Most of all, he made me feel like it was all my fault.
    If only I were a bigger, better person
    he wouldn't treat me this way.
    If only I were so much more than me
    he wouldn't sleep with other women.
    He made me feel like the most insignificant being on this Earth small.
    The way he could look at me with nothing but hate
    and the way I groveled at his feet
    hoping, just once, he'd apologize to me
    say, "He didn't mean it,"
    and tell me how much he loved me.
    But it never got better
    and I was feeling smaller than a subatomic particle
    with so much velocity driving me in a direction
    that would lead me to be involved in
    a high-speed collision
    causing the destruction of my current state of being
    and the eminent transformation of my energy
    into a dozen new particles
    that sped off in new directions.
    There was a time when he made me feel small
    but I realized that I could be small
    and still very powerful.
  4. Angst

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    by Pamela Folks

    He made me feel little.
    He made me feel small.
    I felt like I was just here for entertainment.
    Was I suppose to feel different?

    We walk into the bar and,
    Look around.
    What's that going on in the corner?
    I think I'm alittle turned on.

    It's like getting in the shower,
    Feeling that water caress your body,
    Making you feel like, ummmmm
    All warm and cozy.

    So, why do I feel little?
    Why do I feel small?
    Why should I feel like this?
    There's no reason why.

    Why do you call me?
    Making me feel hopeful, every time.
    Hoping that you will feel the same.
    Hoping that we can make this work.

    I take a deep breath,
    I hope you don't notice the hesitation.
    Not making more of what should be made of.
    Did that make sense? My god....
    I Hope so.

    He made me feel small,
    Yes he did,
    But was the intention, wasn't it.

    Okay...Here goes....
    Lets see what we can make of this.
    I will give you my all.
    Will you give the same?
    I don't think so.....

    He made me feel small,
    Oh god, so small.
    Can you see me at all?
    I'm here.
    See me.
    I'm here.

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