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Vietnamese girl cheater

Chủ đề trong 'Ấn Độ' bởi Honest, 09/10/2017.

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    I was in love with a girl from last 5 april of 2016 and loved her more than anything and i was so honest with her she was everything for me and fought my parents and she blocked me then i requested her so much then she unblocked me but she met who is married who has 2 children already and he is 13 years older than her birth is 1995 and his birth in 1983 she says she see him as bro but what i got she made video call so late night so where the hell on earth which sis bro make video calls till late night i just got she can sleep with any man so vn girls r cheaters stay away from them
    Lần cập nhật cuối: 09/10/2017

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