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we've got to utilize them

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    Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga likely will not play Monday night vs. the Giants, sources told ESPN's Adam Caplan.

    Sources told Caplan that Maualuga has a leg injury. The linebacker was not present at practice on Tuesday or Thursday. Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther said on Tuesday that Maualuga was fine and had "something to attend to" during practice. He also said his absence at Tuesday's Indianapolis Colts jerseys practice was unrelated to playing time.

    Maualauga's playing time has been sporadic all season cheap jerseys and in some games he's received fewer than wholesale NFL jerseys 10 snaps.

    Guenther indicated that some of the veterans were essentially on notice after a 3-4-1 start, and he'd potentially look to get some younger players more involved. One of those could be rookie wholesale jerseys linebacker Nick Vigil.

    "If they're up and dressed, we've got to utilize them," Guenther said.

    Bengals coach Marvin Lewis cheap NFL jerseys on his weekly show denied there would be changes on the defense in comments that were later removed from the Bengals official site.

    "We're going to keep working and guys will earn opportunities as we go," Lewis said. "But you've got to earn opportunities. We're not going to just make a wholesale change and so forth."

    But if the Bengals do plan to make some lineup changes, that means some new names could land on the inactive list, regardless of health.





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